A Day in the life of…


David Savage describes himself as the oldest “new kid on the block” when it comes to the Superyacht market, as the French based Excelerate Marine was only was only set up two years ago. However, given his background and core technology business, it’s no surprise that he can offer exciting solutions to the the maritime industry.

David is Chairman and CEO of the UK’s Excelerate Technology Ltd: a global market leader in the provision of major incident ground technology to the emergency responder market.

“Working with technology such as Data, Voice and Video via LTE (cellular) and Satellite has been in our DNA for almost 19 years and transferring our skill sets and ethos across to the to us”. Together with the Excelerate team, David is on a mission to provide yachts with resilient and reliable communications technology that can revolutionise onboard operations.

Given David’s very active role within the business: heavily involved with both the development and management, he has responsibilities outside of the maritime sector. This, however, comes with additional knowledge of technology and how it can be utilised directly on yachts. With Excelerate Group having offices worldwide, he is often travelling, so when he does get time aboard the Excelerate Z Sunseeker, he certainly makes the most of it.

When it comes to his time on-board – no two days that are the same. That said, we can give you an insight into what he manages to fit into a day!
Given how new Excelerate Marine is to the French market, David is always looking to demonstrate the inventive flare that both the team and Excelerate products have. When working from the Sophia Antipolis based office, he spends much of his time aboard the Excelerate Marine 94 Sunseeker when it isn’t out on charter earning its keep! It is a perfect working example of the Excelerate product and service capabilities, making it a great facility to show Captains, ETO’s and owners, so they can see how the technology works, which quite unique.

Despite the infancy of Excelerate Marine, a permanent office and team are based in Sophia Antipolis. Although David is not responsible for this part of the business alone, when he is in the area, he makes the most of his time there by working closely with the team to get up to speed on any developments. This often includes anything from dockwalking for potential customers and speaking with existing clients. Many captains have attested that David spends time with them to find out how Excelerate can improve life onboard for owners and guests, but he also works to improve solutions to make the jobs of those on board easier.

David is also a big believer in getting involved with the local community and businesses’. So, what better way to meet with local captains and yacht management companies than trying the myriad of fantastic restaurants that populate the Cote d’Azur. However, it doesn’t always have to be high end dining, the Blue Lady Pub in Antibes is a popular destination for him as not only can he enjoy chatting with captains and crews, but he can also get a ‘proper’ breakfast as he phrases it!

Friends often comment on how glamorous the South of France must be to work in and, granted, David does attend some exceptional events. However, despite having been to some of the best restaurants, he has always been a fan of the Blue Lady Pub for a good breakfast first thing and maybe a pint later. His son, Mark, works as the Business Development Manager for the maritime business. Due to both of their busy schedules their paths often only cross early in the morning or late at night, so it is also the perfect location for them both to have a catch-up and relax.

For David and Excelerate, it’s not just about getting to know the local people but also about supporting their interests and good causes: Excelerate Marine are always happy to get involved! Last year they sponsored the annual raft race in Port Vauban in aid of the local lifeboat and have sponsored industry golf days and a couple of ski events that are popular in the area too.

As much as David enjoys his time in the South of France, the maritime business also takes him to locations as far afield as Fort Lauderdale to develop opportunities within the maritime sector. He spends much of his time looking at ways to ensure that customers: whether they are Captains, ETO’s or owners, always receive the best service and offering.

You will also more than likely spot David at popular yachting events (where he would be more than happy to stop and chat with you!) such as Cannes, Palma, Monaco, METS and even Barcelona for the new Superyacht Technology Conference in April 2020. However, this is not simply a networking effort, but an exercise to ensure that the products and services Excelerate Marine offer are as relevant in 10 years as they are today.