A day in the life of Kerem Başer


Based in Istanbul, Turkey’s most beautiful city that connects Europe to Asia, KRM are proud to be the first full-service shipyard and pioneering Superyacht Refit & Rebuild company in Turkey


How it all began

His deep-rooted passion for the sea began at an early age. Growing up in Izmir, Turkey, he spent his summers in Çesme, fostering a connection to the maritime world. Even as a child, Kerem displayed a keen interest in equipment and tools, demonstrating curiosity and mechanical aptitude. At just four years old, he transformed his four-wheeled bike into a two-wheeler. Following his unwavering passion, he embarked on a journey to Istanbul and pursued a degree in Maritime Engineering at one of Turkey’s top technical universities, ITU. His educational background laid a solid foundation for his future endeavors in the maritime industry. After graduation, he gained valuable experience working at various shipyards and yacht design firms. However, he soon realised that his true calling lay elsewhere. It was during the time he went to Los Angeles for a year to study that he stumbled upon a magazine highlighting the emerging trend of yacht refits. This revelation sparked a new direction. Returning to Turkey, and 13 years ago, KRM Yacht was born, and has set the standard for quality and innovation in the field, continuously striving to exceed expectations.

What a day looks like

He is a dedicated professional, fully committed to his work. His days at the office stretch beyond the ordinary, often spending over 15 hours at the busiest times of the season, ensuring every detail is perfect. He finds immense satisfaction in delivering yachts back to their owners, knowing that their dreams have been brought to life. Every yacht holds a special place in his heart, and he takes personal care of each one, ensuring they are transformed to perfection. Passion is the driving force behind his unwavering dedication. “It is impossible to do this without loving it,” he emphasises.

Located in Istanbul, he enjoys the advantage of easy accessibility to various destinations, enabling him to serve clients effectively. In a demanding industry where time is of the essence, this passionate yacht refit specialist thrives, driven by his love for the craft and his commitment which sets KRM apart in the industry, ensuring that every yacht becomes a masterpiece.

Keeping it personal

In a world driven by technology, he understands the irreplaceable value of face-to-face communication. Recognising its importance, he prioritises direct interactions to ensure clear and meaningful exchanges. He believes that true connections are forged when people can engage in person, fostering trust and understanding. His dedication to expanding their reach transcends borders. By visiting prestigious boat shows across the globe, from Cannes and Monaco to Barcelona, Dubai, and Miami, he aims to connect with individuals from all corners of the world. While Europe holds its significance, his vision extends beyond, seeking to establish a global presence and cater to clients worldwide. The goal is to become the unrivaled leader in the superyacht refit industry, setting new standards of excellence. Looking ahead, plans are in place to amplify their capabilities. The aspiration is to undertake the refurbishment and reconstruction of larger yachts, continuing to push boundaries.

Work hard play harder

From the exhilaration of sliding through white mountains on a snowboard to the adrenaline rush of motorcycle rides, his passion for thrilling experiences knows no bounds. With two snowboarding facilities within a 1.5 hour drive from his workplace, Kerem seizes every opportunity to hit the slopes and embrace the snowy terrain during the winter season. The love for moto-cycling and snowboarding runs deep within him, fuelling his drive to seek new heights and push his limits. His thirst for adventure extends beyond the winter wonderland.

He has ventured to South America and Southern Africa, embarking on memorable moto-tours that took him through breathtaking landscapes and wildlife filled safaris. These experiences have enriched his life and further fuelled his appetite for exploration and discovery. Building his own company demanded tremendous dedication, and he often found himself immersed in work, even during holidays. While this meant sacrificing precious time with his family, it was his unwavering commitment that propelled his success. Yet, he deeply cherishes his loved ones and the moments that unites the family.