A day in the life of…


After spending his informative years living in Madrid, Oliver built a marine business and distribution agency for Bombardier PWCs, eventually overseeing 700 dealers worldwide. This invaluable experience sent Oliver on to his next project called Marivent Yachts and charter company is the main includes within its portfolio Arcadia Yachts, Prestige, Austin Parker and more recently Excess Catamarans. been awarded numerous accolades and awards including being the number one global distributor for Fjord Yachts seven years running. After working and living on Mallorca for the past years, Oliver’s network of

friends reaching. With spending much of his time visiting the marinas, ports on the island, Oliver’s a well known always arriving with a smile and a joke.

After an early breakfast at home, when he’s not travelling, Oliver travels to the Palma office for team meetings. This time of year, the last of the boats are leaving the sheds, the sales team present updates on the sales funnel for new boats across the product ranges, and the yachts planned for imminent delivery are discussed to make sure any specific owner additions have been completed. From a potential client’s first point of contact with the company, to the actual yacht’s delivery and servicing, Oliver keeps a close eye on the customer journey and demands a high level of service from all the team. The team has a close relationship and work together more like a family with Oliver being the respected and loved Patriarch figure. Across the multiple brands, logistics plays a key part in delivering these levels its partners such as Hanse Yachts, Arcadia and Prestige is of the upmost importance. Clients are far and wide and each customer can have different options throughout the specific yacht, so complete track and trace of yacht specifics is paramount, together with the desired delivery dates being met. “Purchasing a yacht, no matter the size, is a massive decision, but taking delivery is office conversations, these evening ‘business’ discussions often “So, it is with help in bringing some wonderful business ideas to fruition.It’s great attention important to look at what other successful brands are doing and and pride that we see if anything can de developed for the Marivent family.” make sure every detail is ticked off at this stage of the client journey with us. The actual moment of delivery can be quite emotional for all concerned, maybe sounds silly, but this is everyone’s favourite day.”

Lunch is often spent with the team in the crew bar, where a more relaxed and informal chat about the business and island life in general takes place. From these more relaxed discussions (many now an adopted business processes) some great ideas have been born – it’s an ideal time to chuck about ideas and have people from different departments put in their personal feelings and comments. The foundation of Merivent is and has always been to work as a team and for everyone to have an element of input.

Marivent have some form of representation at all the boat shows across the world. From a larger scale presence at the grander Mediterranean shows such as the Palma Boat Show, Monaco, Cannes and Dusseldorf to yacht shows further north in Europe and across the Atlantic, Marivent as a sales agent for its brands is busy all year round. The shows are longer within the high season months and require attendance throughout a massive undertaking and together with its partner brands Marivent carefully plans staff and yacht transport and sets down a specific set of goals for each show. Oliver notes, “It’s important for the business to have a plan when attending these shows and be able to look back and track leads or at least monetize our show attendance to some extent.”

Marivent has recently set up a new office in Ibiza and developing this region is of growing importance. Driven by customer demand, Marivent have always prided themselves on developing the brand to deliver the best possible customer experience throughout their yacht’s lifetime. Opening the new office in Ibiza is a direct effect of client demands and is already proving to be a successful location. Quite often the final meetings of the day are with the after sales department to check on all work in progress and make sure delivery schedules and any planned maintenance is running as planned. We discuss an client feedback and see if suggestions or comments need to be addressed or can in fact be

brought in to our business plan to enhance service standards. Marivent’s goal is to deliver a seamless service from A-Z, to deliver the perfect customer experience. This has been the business ethos for Oliver over the past 30 years and will continue to be so.

Of an evening at least twice a week, Oliver will find himself ‘networking’ somewhere across Europe either at a shipyard, the Hanse Group or with another partner or supplier. Building Marivent as a brand and delivering the highest levels of service is at the forefront of Oliver’s mind and this face to face contact with business associates is vital. “It allows us to give precious feedback to the shipyards,” Oliver explains. “Developing various strategies to drive all the brands is in everyone’s interest and just like our lunch time office conversations, these evening ‘business’ discussions often help in bringing some wonderful business ideas to fruition.It’s important to look at what other successful brands are doing and see if anything can de developed for the Marivent family.”