Argentario, Italy

Rosalia Di Perna takes a closer look at the Argentario headland that is surrounded by crystal clear seas and protected by a historic fortress

The Argentario promontory, rich in Mediterranean flora with its iconic scents, will bring you on a unique journey among walking trails and stunning landscapes leading you to discover the two charming villages of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. The crystal clear sea offers you endless possibilities to discover the underwater world where you can admire, among other beauties, the red coral, a genuine rarity in many other areas of the Mediterranean. No matter where the wind blows, you will always find a wonderful calm bay in which to enjoy the crystal waters in complete serenity thanks to the protection that the Argentario promontory offers.

The Argentario is also surrounded by many places of interest offering a truly enjoyable experience for any visitor. From the charming medieval villages of Pitigliano, Sovana and Sorano, where you seem to have stepped back in time, to the remarkable Terme di Saturnia or the astonishing Tarot Garden, inspired by Antonio Gaudí’s Parc Güell in Barcelona, these are just a few examples of what you can find around the Argentario promontory. Whether you are looking for adventures and open air activities or you would just like to enjoy the sea and the delicious local cuisine, Argentario offers you a wide range of attractions to choose from. From a wine tour experience in a local vineyard to a Michelin star restaurant, from the PGA golf course to the Maremma natural reserve, anyone no matter their age, will experience unforgettable moments at the Argentario.

Just in front of the Argentario promontory, you will find two of the most beautiful islands of Arcipelago Toscano: Giglio Island and Giannutri Island with the beautiful island Isola del Giglio just 11 miles from the Argentario promontory. At just 21 square kilometres, it is second largest among the islands of the Tuscan archipelago and it is known above all for its natural beauties: the crystal clear sea, with a rich and vibrant seabed. Beautiful sandy beaches and isolated coves, ancient paths immersed in rich nature, breathtaking views, a picturesque port, and the charming medieval village of Giglio Castello make Giglio island a treasure just waiting to be discovered.

The coast line of the island is only 28 km and can be circumnavigated in a few hours. A round-trip of the Island of Giglio by boat to discover the coves and beaches hidden and inaccessible from the ground is an experience that should not be missed during any visit to Giglio.

South east of Giglio lies the southernmost island of the Tuscan archipelago, Giannutri, with its unmistakable half-moon shape. A small paradise with no cars and no major tourism structures, famous for its imposing ruins of a beautiful Roman villa, Villa Domizia. Its crystal clear waters and shipwrecks attract thousands of divers every year.

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