Awake Electric Surfboards

The Awake Electric Surfboards are created for performance, quality and safety, to give you an experience you simply can’t be without – all while keeping the environment in mind!

Why do I need all this gear? That’s what fuelled the passion of Philip Werner, the young Swedish wakeboarder who’s coming date with destiny would include electric water sports, innovation and sustainability.

This same passion drove him to build his first electric surfboard in 2012; a rebuilt windsurf board with a small turbine and lithium batteries. This small beginning most likely made him the original inventor of the electric surfboard as we know it.

A few years later, Philip together with Daniel Aronsson and Mikael Kajbring, founded Awake with the purpose of manufacturing the best and most desired electric, sustainable, performance electric surfboards in the world.

Since then, Awake has been developing, building and delivering their ‘Awake Boards’ all across the world. The Awake Boards are designed and engineered for absolute action, safety, and ease-of-use – always with the environment in mind.

There currently are three different models of Awake’s electric surfboards to choose from, the RÄVIK ONE, the RÄVIK 3, and the RÄVIK S. Below follows an introduction to each model from the Chief Innovator himself:

“The Awake RÄVIK ONE is the first generation of our high-performance electric surfboards. It is the perfect board for anyone who is looking for great stability, simplicity, and jaw-dropping acceleration. Thanks to its robust design, wide tail, and M-shaped hull, the Awake RÄVIK ONE is the solid choice for anyone who is looking to simply cruise around without any hassle.

The Awake RÄVIK S is Awake’s signature model – the ultimate race board. Hydrodynamically designed for aggressive agility, superior carving grip and instant throttle response, the RÄVIK S will never let you lose a race! The RÄVIK S is the most advanced electric surfboard on the market, the W-shaped, hydrodynamic hull with its slim tail and aggressive rocker enables deep carves, high jumps and overall superior agility.

The Awake RÄVIK S is perfect for anyone who is looking to challenge themselves on each ride, no matter if it’s on a motosurfing course at a flat lake, or in over-head waves out at sea. It’s designed for riders looking for the next great adrenaline kick, who wants to test their limits.The Awake RÄVIK 3, the 3rd generation of the Awake Boards, is the perfect adventure board. It’s perfect for people looking for a great time with family and friends, no matter if you are carving along a calm lake or challenging the rough seas! When developing the RÄVIK 3, we sought to combine the learnings from our previous models with both client and partner feedback, to create an amazing board that is perfect for action as well as cruising. The RÄVIK 3 is the perfect board to grow with.”

In short, the vision for Awake is clear, and as Philip puts it himself: “When me and my co-founders started the company back in 2017, our vision was to fast-forward the future of action water sports, and to deliver an unmatched, adrenaline-induced experience to demanding water sports enthusiasts all over the world.”

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