Axalta Imron Marine Coatings

Axalta’s Imron® Marine Coatings is on a mission to help superyacht owners who want to stand out from the crowded quays with an ever expanding range of colours

For yacht owners or the talented yacht designers who want to get creative with colour for new superyachts or during refits of those beloved trusty vessels, Imron Marine Coatings from Axalta – a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings – is a treasure chest of unlimited colours and an eye-popping array of finishes.

“Axalta’s Imron Marine Coatings’ customers have unique requirements, but they all have one thing in common: a demand for the truly exceptional. Thanks to unsurpassed technical expertise, delivering this consistently is what the brand is known for,” says Inge De Jonge, Imron Marine Product and Marketing Manager for Axalta in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Champagne? Or maybe Cosmos Black, Mussel Blue or Titan Grey? These are just four of the latest colours from Imron Marine Coatings. “We can match just about anything a yacht owner or yacht designer would like us to. Our unrivalled technological advantage in colour matching is thanks to the world’s most advanced spectrophotometer technology and is backed by Axalta’s more than 150 years of experience,” explains De Jonge.

This colour matching expertise and colour availability anchors Imron Marine Coating’s reputation as the colour experts of the marine world. Technical excellence meets innovation to deliver superior gloss, metallic and pearlescent finishes with best-in-class surface protection.

For more standard colours, Axalta taps into its purpose-built colour retrieval platform, Imron Marine Colour Compass. It’s a database of more than 65,000 regularly updated colour formulas – so users are able to source information on any colour, whether they are looking for a specific colour match, or seeking inspiration for something new.

Champagne is one of the top superyacht colours for 2021. De Jonge explains, “Champagne screams luxury but in an elegant, understated way.” Sleek silvers are also very popular. They convey elegance and style while providing a futuristic forward- looking twist. Gold rounds out the popular metallic hues. As De Jonge says, “It’s understandable this is a popular colour as it is clearly associated with wealth and abundance, and it also looks fantastic on the water.”

Blue is one colour palette that is seeing a bit of a resurgence. While considered by some to be a very conventional hull colour, the palette is extensive. “This archetypal colour of sea and sky really is one of the most exquisite and versatile colour palettes we have. As a colour, it is often associated with emotions and thoughtfulness. It has been a popular choice for detailing for many decades,” De Jonge says.

Black is endlessly sophisticated and gaining in popularity as a hull colour of choice in the superyacht market.

The colours exceed the most stringent standards for appearance and durability. “People come to us for personalised colour solutions for their yachts, and they stay for the high-performance product portfolio and out-of-this-world results. In the world of superyachts, good enough isn’t good enough! The end result needs to be beautiful, unique and perfect,” says De Jonge.


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