Bering Yachts

A home on the water

Bering Yachts CEO Alexei Mikhailov discusses the company’s journey over the past 17 years and their sustainability obligations for the future

Bering Yachts CEO Alexei Mikhailov Earth is mostly covered by water. To have maximum freedom one should spend a lot of time in the sea. Bering Yachts provides this opportunity to anyone who wants it. We give this world to our clients to live and explore in the safety and comfort of Bering yachts. Take your home with you wherever you go – and expand its boundaries to the size of our beautiful planet.

This is how our journey started – with the construction of a 50-foot all-metal vessel in Foshan, China in 2007. The goal was to build a boat that would be safe, steady, comfortable, and capable of travelling across the oceans autonomously and worry-free. Making something perfect is always a challenge. We have accepted and embraced it, openly and with excitement. For 17 years and with 14 yachts delivered, Bering had breakthroughs and setbacks, but has always kept an eye on one main goal. Now, with two shipyards, in Antalya, Türkiye and Burgas, Bulgaria, and 12 yachts in build, our quest for perfection goes strong.

Our line of home-on-the-water yachts includes models from 20 to 50 metres in length to meet the vision of owners looking for a perfect boat. Explorer yachts under 24 metres in length, such as B88 and B75 will take you to any range destination thanks to the space and capabilities provided by a full-displacement metal hull. Built to a fully custom specification, B92 is designed to serve as an excellent charter boat. B78, our shallow draft explorer, will be perfect for coastal navigation while still keeping the capability of cross-Atlantic trips. Bering classic explorers B72 or B77 can be made to be owner-operated. Luxurious yet compact for the boats of this class, super-explorers B125, B145 and recently presented B165 are the ultimate manifestation of the Bering lifestyle and pinnacle of comfort.

Our family of boats also includes catamarans and other watercraft built using hydrofoil technology. Among the sleek and highly manoeuvrable aluminum catamaran models are B60 CAT and B80 CAT. Started in 2023, this branch of Bering will deliver stable and practical multihull models made for leisure as well as for conquering hard-to-reach destinations. Speedy and multi-functional smaller watercraft made under the Bering Marine brand even further widen the accessibility by boat we offer to our customers. Fishing and transportation, rescue and military, leisure, work, superyacht tender – we offer several basic platforms that can be modified to order to fulfill several roles.

Bering Yachts Widening the range of use for our vessels, we cannot avoid changing as a company. Our home base constantly grows and improves to provide better service and give more to the customer. Over 250 skillful workers operate our two shipyards to ensure timely delivery of 12 boats currently in build. Since the company’s inception more than 16 years ago, we have made several strategic decisions, which include establishing the in- house design team and furniture production department. This allows us to control not only the quality and timeliness of our production but also to further assure its consistency and accuracy.

A truly international brand, Bering has its global headquarters in the United States and keeps representation in additional offices in Germany and Australia.

Bering makes a significant effort to keep our facilities and yachts eco-friendly. Steel, our main construction material, is more sustainable than aluminum or fibreglass. Consciously making this choice, we are also adhering to, or exceeding the environmental regulations, and constantly improving our production to reduce waste, minimise pollution, and save energy and resources. Eco-friendliness, along with safety and stability, is among the principles we use in the engineering of our yachts. Reduced propeller cavitation, noise and vibration- cancelling insulation significantly decrease the environmental footprint of our boats.

Efficient design results in fuel savings, just like the use of hybrid propulsion featured on B92 Papillon. However, building our home-on-the-water yachts we do not forget the big picture of responsibility for our planet, but we also feel responsible for our owners.

It is not enough to build and deliver the boat. We came to the understanding that creating a lifetime support ecosystem for the owners is the way to go. Bering family should have a dedicated hub, a centre point to which every owner and yacht will be attracted – and for a good reason. The customer care process should be continuous and, once again, have a home feeling. Such a hub will be created in Türkiye. With several Bering yachts at anchor, the owners will be able to communicate and share their experiences with their peers, thus building a true community brought together by the Bering lifestyle.

New owners, captains and crews will receive extended hands-on training from Bering professionals. Perspective owners will fly in to familiarise themselves with different Bering vessels and technology.

As an ultimate non-exhibition experience, it will be a thorough tour, a possibility to spend time onboard and get firsthand opinions from people who sail Bering yachts. Through this hub, Bering will also assist with creating itineraries, hiring experienced crews, or communicating with external suppliers regarding repairs and other services.

Bering Family Hub will also be a centre of our charter programme. Created to allow owners to maximise their yacht’s potential, this programme fulfils other goals. First, we allow a greater number of sea enthusiasts to become familiar with Bering boats and share our exquisite approach to lifestyle. Second, chartering a boat means that many people will not buy one, thus minimising the effects on the environment.

By embracing our like-home approach and relaying it to our customers, production facilities, and employees, we can achieve a unified vision that propels Bering forward. This is the way of Bering evolution.