BlueNav has focused on bringing today’s mobility to life by developing alternative solutions with hybrid propulsion

As the energy transition accelerates in the automotive world, the commitment to sustainability in the marine industry is just setting sail. BlueNav’s essential purpose is to passionately support responsible navigation, empowering individuals to experience pure bliss and forge an intimate connection with nature.

BlueNav’s core mission revolves around accelerating the energy transition within the boating industry towards 100% zero emissions. The primary focus involves designing, developing, and supplying add-on electric motors (Outboard, Inhull and Stationary), manufactured in France, with the aim of converting any boat into a hybrid electric vessel.

BlueSpin technology, developed by BlueNav, serves as a crucial link between the conventional world of combustion engines and the realm of electric power. The uniqueness of BlueSpin also lies in the inclusion of an intelligent eco- piloting interface, guiding users throughout their journeys. This integrated solution, a Human- Machine Interface (HMI), is highly adaptable to individual preferences, ultimately enhancing the experience of navigation.

By using BlueNav electric motorization systems, users can enjoy the combined benefits of traditional combustion engines and electric propulsion, optimising their boating experience with a simple button press. This innovation enhances versatility and convenience, making it a user-friendly solution for boat enthusiasts.

The technology works with a hubless drive motor, a ring-shaped motor that transmits its motion to the propeller through magnetic means. This method offers numerous advantages. First, the magnetic transmission of motion minimises mechanical friction, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced power losses. With fewer mechanical components subject to wear and tear, the ring motor also requires less maintenance and has a longer lifespan compared to propulsion system.

Thirdly, the absence of physical contact between components reduces noise and vibration, providing a quieter and more comfortable boating experience. Moreover, the annular shape allows for a compact and space-efficient design, maximising the available space on the vessel.

This specific innovation in propulsion allows boaters to have 360° thrusting. With the responsiveness of the docking system developed by BlueNav, the boat owner can have smoother and more precise manoeuvering of the boat, enhancing overall handling and navigation.

Boating is about adapting to surrounding elements – the wind, current, and drift – all of which are energy-consuming factors. By choosing to navigate with BlueNav, the user benefits from an integrated solution and a wealth of connected services.

This innovating system, featuring Autopilot and Cruise Control, showcases its commitment to simplifying and transforming the boating experience for all. Replacing the complexities of manual steering, this intelligent system ensures that the boat maintains course and speed effortlessly, granting users full control over their chosen navigation, enabling a smoother and stress-
free boating experience.


BlueNav’s new design helps the customer connect even more with nature. Inspired by the graceful dynamics of whales, their hydrodynamics engineers created a harmonious blend of biomimicry and sustainable innovation. While nature follows an incremental and random bias for its evolution, humans mimic designs that have been shown to be more efficient and quieter, even if, sometimes, they defy traditional engineering theories. BlueNav’s engineers demonstrated by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) that the bumps on the flippers of cetaceans and the striations on their belly have a result, they reduce drag, and increase fluid flow efficiency.


This unique technology provides an unparalleled navigation experience, combining the pleasure of the senses and the modernity of a connected engine. They can enjoy the full speed of their combustion engines to go fast to their destination and enjoy when they want the peace provided by the electric motors to feel more connected to nature and the people that are on board. It’s a whole new experience that you get to live.

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