Caribbean Refit


International Marine Management, has specialised in superyacht refit for over 15 years, with its European style quality refit in the heart of the Caribbean. IMM offers yachts and their principals an opportunity to break free from traditional cruising patterns, with its non-traditional locations permitting vessels to adopt the schedule based on owners wishes, no longer handcuffed by the limitation of location of appropriate technical bases.

The pandemic currently gripping the globe has only made clearer the value of yachting. The privilege of having a luxury bubble of safety and mobility, able to go where you wish in a protected environment. Necessary for that freedom of movement, of choosingthe right place at the right moment – more so now than ever – is the ability to meet the needs of the Vessel without the constraints of being in Europe or the United States at a particular moment. IMM offers this freedom by providing the highest-quality of technical repairs in the Caribbean – a location full of safe bubbles of paradise during this time, a location en route to or from the Pacific, US West Coast, Continental US or Europe.

International Marine Management’s Team is made up of true yachting professionals – the three Principals of the Company having deep and wide experience. Fabrice Maitre, Jean-Michel Beron and Norina Edelman formed the company, and are responsible for the daily operations, along with Olivier Vigoureux, the site director of IMM Guadeloupe.

IMM Guadeloupe has a floating dock capable of hauling vessels up to 700 tons. The IMM team covers the full spectrum of all technical requirements – from hydraulics to general mechanics, class-certified welding to yacht-quality painting, from teak work to composite works. The local team members are experts in their fields – many of them having worked in Europe or the United States in the most advanced technologies. Recognising the need for additional options for the fleet in the Caribbean, IMM has expanded to St. Maarten, first through the purchase of FKG Marine, the premium rigging, fabrication and hydraulics company in the Caribbean, and thereafter, by expanding its service offerings in St. Maarten, able to provide the full spectrum of services afloat.

The project management and technical support is of the highest quality. With the project managers on site those who have previously responsible for major superyacht refit projects in Europe, the management team knows how to get things done, to the highest quality with delivery both on time and in budget. In fact, the IMM team quickly becomes an extension of the yacht crew and technical management, working in true partnership to accomplish the best results.

IMM’s Caribbean presence means there is no requirement to alter cruising patterns for a class survey or technical stop, but, most critically, by permitting running maintenance during the Caribbean season and those required technical stops will also be dramatically shortened – saving expense and most importantly, reducing the Vessel’s time out of operation.

IMM is a truly unique operation in a special part of the world delivering exceptional services. And as a Captain perhaps best put it: “I had always been doubtful as to whether a shipyard period could ever be managed effectively in the Caribbean. IMM certainly answered that question. I cannot speak highly enough of the efficiency, professionalism and expertise that exists within the IMM facility. It matched any shipyard to which I had previously been.”

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