CCS Yacht Consultants

Whether during a refit or new build, Paul Bournas looks at the benefits of working with an independent coatings consultant

Although CCS offer a number of separate services there is always one main goal attached to each offering: to ensure the clients benefit from the right paint job, at the right price, within the agreed time frame and to the highest quality levels. But let’s take a look at the main services offered and the benefits.

To ensure clarity on the level of work and quality for refit projects, we offer a unique type of survey and working procedure called the CCS Superyacht Tender Survey. A major reason why paint jobs are often of a subpar quality is the lack of clarity in the refit tender. This is mainly due to a lack of agreed acceptance criteria. Over the past 25 years, we have written countless paint specifications and acceptance criteria. By facilitating transparent, easy comparable quotes, our tender survey ensures the best outcome.

The perfect paint job starts with the assistance of a CCS Coating Advisor, who will carry out regular inspections during the newbuild or refit period, setting a foundation for paint application success. Enjoy the benefits of an expert pair of eyes patrolling the scaffolding, checking up on progress, performing measurements and making sure the coating products are being applied according to the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. If necessary, corrective instructions are provided on the spot with a comprehensive written report made available after every inspection. After completion of all paint works, CCS prepares a final survey report that fully documents the technical and cosmetic properties of the paint system. With the assistance of CCS you can be assured of the protective and aesthetic qualities of the yacht’s coating system.

If a paint system appears to be failing or is not up to standard aesthetically, CCS is the reliable choice for independent and expert surveying and troubleshooting. With access to the latest inspection methods and technologies, we have the means to accurately assess any paint job. We carry out surveys to assess the condition of the fairing and coating system, including tank coatings, antifouling systems, varnishes and interior finishes. Surveys can be carried out at any point, whether the yacht is in use (troubleshooting), before the work starts (pre-contract survey) or after the paint activities have concluded (final acceptance survey). Based on the survey results, CCS prepares a scope of work for complete or partial repair with additional periodic inspections.

CCS offers a truly bespoke consultancy service from the preparation stages all the way to delivery and into the warranty period. We can begin our work as early as the design stages, by intercepting potential paint issues caused by the yacht’s unique design features. This is followed by the preparation of all documents and contracts, such as the paint specifications and acceptance criteria.

As work progresses we are on-hand to complete thorough inspections during the fairing and paint application phases, making sure the coatings are applied according to the paint manufacturer’s guidelines. Upon completion of the project we perform a final acceptance survey, measuring the work against the pre- agreed acceptance criteria.

Whether you are starting the process of a newbuild or considering a refit, CCS offers peace of mind with our tailor-made superyacht paint consultancy solutions.

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