Chasing the dream

Seaworthiness and elegance wrapped up in one unique chase tender that offers a modular design to suit any mother ship and the needs of even the most demanding owner

A chase tender should be designed to significantly enhance the superyacht experience and range. It should allow for longer trips away from the mother ship to do destination reconnaissance, large group outings, off-shore fishing trips and expeditions in unchartered and maybe shallow waters etc. It should also be versatile enough to pick up and carry supplies to and from the yacht without having the typical characteristics of a work boat. It should rather offer the style and elegance of the main yacht, both in terms of comfort and luxury.

Whether it is carried on-board in its own garage, on deck or navigating separately between locations, the tender needs to be prepared for most of the sea conditions the main yacht will encounter. With the increasing range and expedition style operations that modern yachts are designed for, the demands for its tender is also increasing. That’s why it is important to find the ultimate optimisation between yachting style and forces of nature.

To be able to operate in tough weather and sea conditions the demands on a rescue cutter is also often extreme and challenging. Together with the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, Hydrolift and sister company Eker Design has developed the P-42 model as a small rescue cutter for Norwegian littoral waters up to Sea State 6. Six of these boats have so far been delivered and more are on the way. Both from an operator and technical perspective the boats are very adaptable. They can be deployed within minutes and with a speed of 45 kts can reach their destination quickly. The Rolls-Royce water jets give the boat an extreme maneuverability