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The value of training can never be underestimated. In a world where super yachts are increasingly helideck capable, the industry needs to learn how to adapt, in this case to new training ideas. New for 2018, Heli Riviera offers a comprehensive online training programme for safe helideck operations.Based upon Heli Riviera’s MCA accredited course, the e-training is a great introduction for the onboard training course, or simply as refresher training to helicopter capable vessels and their crews.

With over 500 superyachts currently under construction around the world, undoubtedly, many of them will be helideck capable, if not for use – then for resale. Having a helideck aboard your superyacht has become something of a status symbol, no different from owning a Rolex or the latest Bentley. With super yacht design becoming more responsive to the market, those who work within the industry must strive to remain relevant in an ever-changing workplace.

There are an increasing number of helicopter capable yachts using their flight decks to optimise their operation. To do this safely requires the yacht crews to acquire new skills and understand the true meaning of flight safety.

Acquiring those skills and then maintaining them becomes paramount. The yachting industry is regulated, schedules are busy, crews change. There is a need for innovative training that allows crews to remotely complete training, something that Heli Riviera has aimed to tackle.

Heli Riviera has created a brand new online training product. Its content developed from years of offshore helideck experience in the heli-yachting industry and from its current group of training instructors.

The e-training module is a modern answer to training; functional across multiple platforms it provides options in terms of which device it is used on. Pick it up, do a module, revisit it later, the training programme offers total flexibility to the students. A candidate can be an individual, or the product can be packaged for a yacht with multiple non-transferable access points to the course.

Once successfully completed, candidates will be issued with a certificate that provides the crew member and Captain with documented proof of introductory or recurrent training that can be stored in the Yacht’s training database.

Where time is tight and skill fade is an issue this product provides the perfect introduction to new crew members whilst retaining skills amongst those already qualified. The Captain is reassured that the Crew is ‘aviation aware’ and is able to plan ahead to welcome Heli Riviera’s training team to conduct live UK MCA accredited training when the Yacht’s programme permits. Safe in the knowledge that the issue of skill fade has been addressed.

In a world where the helicopter is becoming ever more prevalent and essential for a fast-paced lifestyle, don’t waste time or compromise your safety at the hands of an ill-trained crew. Training is at the core of a professional successful operation. Here at Heli Riviera, we are market leaders in heli-yacht training, offering internationally recognised courses. Get in touch with us today to arrange your initial or refresher training programme.

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