Conservation with a conscience

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Marine conservation, Belize
This five day tailor made marine conservation holiday in Belize is open to all volunteers interested in diving and caring for the environment. As a diving experience, alone, this trip excels. And when combined with hands-on tasks and the chance to help with marine conservation projects, it makes for an extremely worthwhile introduction to the incredible biodiversity of the Caribbean. Set against a backdrop of a private ‘castaway’ island, adjacent to the Belize Barrier Reef, you’ll discover every opportunity to swim, snorkel and dive within a truly breathtaking marine environment. From swimming alongside whale sharks to hunting invasive lion fish with a spear, this is your chance to encounter something completely different within a fun and friendly environment. Protecting the reef is an essential part of this five day adventure and you’ll be invited to join an actual marine conservation team as they undertake ad-hoc and ongoing tasks.

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The stretch of Mediterranean is a natural habitat that has become a haven for watching whales and dolphins in Italy. Identifying, tracking and recording information about whales and dolphins in Italy and France is crucial for helping to preserve the natural world which is why this six day research cruise is interesting. Participants will also be required to become full crew members which means they’ll be assigned certain roles and duties alongside the research. Full training will be given in order for participants to learn, develop and understand research techniques and nautical procedures and as such no experience is required, but you’ll also have time to experience the wonders of this area.JTNDaHIlMjBzdHlsZSUzRCUyMmhlaWdodCUzQTJweCUzQmJvcmRlci13aWR0aCUzQTAlM0Jjb2xvciUzQWdyYXklM0JiYWNrZ3JvdW5kLWNvbG9yJTNBZ3JheSUyMiUzRQ==

Orangutan volunteering, Borneo
This one, two or four week multi-award-winning volunteering holiday in Borneo is set within the Matang Wildlife Centre. Volunteers will be assisting the centre’s wonderful permanent team as they aim to rewild and release their current population of orangutans back into the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo. As part of this volunteering project you’ll get to observe orangutans within as natural an environment as possible. Animal characteristics and habits differ, and you’ll soon get to learn about the different personality traits as well as discovering how an orphaned orangutan can start out on the path to being released back into the wild. You’ll also discover the importance of rainforest conservation and find out how you can make a difference for safeguarding Borneo’s wildlife. Work can be hard but it is also so rewarding and the surrounding natural environment is just a pleasure to call your workplace for a couple of weeks, or more.


Volunteering with bears, Romania
For years bears in Romania have been trophy-hunted, forced to dance in the streets and trapped in cages outside restaurants. You will be helping to protect and care for bears that have been victim of this sad abuse in the beautiful setting of the Romanian mountains. You will be helping out at this bear sanctuary, working to provide the haven for the bears that they so need. Volunteers have been helping at the bear sanctuary ever since its creation in 2006. The sanctuary is now home to over 100 bears, providing them with densely forested enclosures with pools and plenty of food. Your days will be spent, ensuring the best rehabilitation and care possible for these bears. This ranges from preparing their food to monitoring their well-being to simply enjoying watching their capers.


Carnivore research, Namibia
Approximately 35% of cheetahs living on the planet are found in Namibia with practically all of them living beyond the perimeters of the country’s protected conservation areas. As a consequence, cheetah numbers are falling and if you’re looking to make a difference and take part in a 17 day conservation and research project, this is the one for you. As part of the project you’ll be asked to help take down statistical data related to various species of wild animal which, in turn, will positively contribute to the long term management of the area. This project is just starting and, as such, your efforts will really encourage tangible results as well as making a significantly positive impact on carnivore conservation in Namibia. Your contribution will go a long way towards helping to ensure wildlife in the area is safe, as every animal that is rescued from a conflict situation adds to the breeding population and provides hope for a stable predator population for the future.


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