Destination Portugal

Discover the history, culture and scenic beauty of Portugal when cruising in the stunning waters of the Atlantic

Atlantys Superyachts Services
Atlantys, the brand of GRUPO ETE dedicated to the superyacht’s agency in mainland Portugal, Azores, Madeira, and Cape Verde, is leading the way on the growing demand of this market in the Mid-Atlantic. Under the promise of “a remarkable experience in the Mid-Atlantic”, ATLANTYS allies the excellence of customised services with the discovery of a new destination creating an outstanding experience. ATLANTYS combines strong operational skills, with a fully integrated agency, logistics and concierge services for this luxury market. These locations, more than just simple stopovers for the superyachts that cross the Atlantic, they are, due to their unique features, excellent leisure destinations. Atlantys designs a customised support service to superyachts ensuring all their unique requirements are met and in the last three years, more than 300 superyachts have been attended by GRUPO ETE in our destinations.

Destination PortugalAtlantys Superyachts Services

In Portugal since 1955, the Amundsen family has an extensive maritime legacy, having explored the waters of Portugal and the Mid-Atlantic with seasoned expertise. With this wealth of experience, they offer comprehensive itinerary planning assistance tailored to this enchanting region. From the earliest days, Amundsen has had the honour of serving a diverse array of vessels, from Royal yachts to modern vessels and timeless classics. Their tenure as a proud member of AYSS since 2004 has solidified their standing as a premier provider of maritime services within Portuguese ports, and through their intricate web of local knowledge, expertise, and partners, Amundsen provides exclusive access to the finest amenities and attractions, facilitating convenience and comfort for clients exploring the beauty of Portugal. Amundsen Maritime Agency offers berth reservations to bunkering and crew assistance, additionally, the agency offers car rental, chandlery, floral supplies, and provisions procurement, adeptly managing logistical challenges with expertise in freight forwarding, warehousing, and pilotage.

Vilamoura Marina

Vilamoura Marina
Vilamoura have announced the construction of a new marina at the development on the Algarve coast. Three pontoons with 68 berths will be installed, equipped with the latest technologies to provide first-class facilities, user comfort and environmental sustainability. All 68 berths will be specifically designed for large boats, between 20 and 40 metres, in order to respond to the fast-growing trend in this sector and to strengthen the destination’s capacity to attract a high net-worth demographic. Each berth will include multiple features such as individual waste-water pump-out systems for all the boats, charging points for electric boats and systems for remote monitoring and management of water and electricity consumption. Work is also underway to explore the implementation of desalination systems and photovoltaic energy generation for efficient water and electricity supply. Isolete Correia, Interim CEO of Vilamoura World, commented: “This new marina in Vilamoura really sets the destination apart and responds to the growing needs within the market in relation to large boats, which currently pass this part of the coast.” She added: “The new marina is also the result of our constant desire to improve the service we provide to our clients. These clients and those that visit and stay in Vilamoura, are the real focus of this project and are the ones we work for on a daily basis, to provide them with an ever better and more extraordinary experience.” Construction of the new marina began today and is expected to be completed by 2024.