Digital Logbooks for superyachts

LJ Yacht & Commercial Services was founded by Liz Jackson back in 2009, which brought paper logbooks both custom and generic to life for the maritime industry. Having worked in the industry since 2001, Liz had first-hand knowledge of the industry and the requirements of clients. eLogbooks was born out of desire from both clients and technological advancements in offering a modern alternative to traditional paper logbooks. eLogbooks provides vessels a secure, 21st century solution for yacht data recording, with multiple benefits including remote audits, custom reporting, and an offline solution, all backed up with full end to end encryption.

The paperless system was client-driven, providing a solution to the antiquated system of paper logbooks. While aligning the industry with digitalisation, this partnership is also a step forward in improving the Bridge’s environmental credentials – culminating in a more sustainable approach to yacht management.

The platform provides real-time recording and reporting. Through cloud-based, remote access and privacy-secure software, users can record, access, and verify data entries from a computer or tablet. In addition, the software is a cyber and data secure solution and is compliant with MARPOL. It can be customised entirely for crews, including 24/7 support and entry validation.

There are currently 17 modules available, with more to come:

  • Official Log
  • Garbage Record Book
  • Oil Record Book
  • GMDSS Radio Log
  • Marine Fuel Sulphur Record Book
  • Bridge Log
  • Daily Log
  • Deck Maintenance Log
  • Dive Log
  • Engine Daily/Engine Room/Engine Running Log
  • Interior Log
  • Laundry Log
  • Night Orders Log
  • NOx Tier & On/Off Status Record Book
  • Visitor Log

Summary of eLogbooks

  • 17 different modules for various departmental use, including OLB, Bridge, Engine Room, GMDSS, Oil Record and Garbage.
  • Lloyds Register certified and flag state approved.
  • Complies to IMO Jan 2021 Cyber Security Protocol, MARPOL and SOLAS.
  • Desktop App: syncs all offline data when back in connectivity.
  • External Auditing for flag state and management.
  • Report Suite, including Last 10 Port and custom reports.
  • Bespoke paper logbooks replicated into digital.