Digital Project Management


As you may remember, in recent editions of ONBOARD Magazine we have described to you an increasingly frequent challenge in yacht building today, namely the compliance with and constant monitoring of times and costs. In return, we have started to explain our solution for a cost-efficient handling of your project, more precisely how easy it is to create a project plan with the Digital Project Management tool. So, in this edition we would like to give you our clear plan for your

employee management, their workload, as well as their feedback of working hours and progress of work packages. Exactly the right module for the constant control of progress, costs and working hours: permanent transparency for all.

Everything starts with the implementation of the employees into the program, whereby it is irrelevant whether you enter each employee individually or bundle shifts and work groups. The number of employees per shift or work group can be easily regulated. Only the name is required for data to be entered, but other entries such as earnings, e-mail address or strengths and weaknesses are also possible. Entering the e-mail address is particularly useful because it allows employees to receive automatically generated messages from the program about changes or progress in the project.

Once the employees are assigned to the project and accordingly to the individual work packages and tasks, their workload can be visually displayed in a bar chart over the entire project duration. With the help of this data, capacity bottlenecks and over capacities can be identified quickly but above all, countermeasures can be initiated at an early stage. True to the motto: Keep it simple but effective! This way you can keep your personnel costs, work progress and employee satisfaction within the ‘green zone’.

By adding an employee, he also receives so-called ‘rights’ within the program. These are mainly focused on the feedback of working hours, incurred costs and progress of individual work packages or tasks. To do this, he only has to select the work package in his personal work area and choose either the option for working time or for costs.

In the working time area, the working times per day can then be posted to the work performed and the progress of his task can be indicated in various formats. In the case of costs, the employee can post them directly to the projects using previously defined cost elements.

In other words, any costs incurred during the project, whether previously planned or unplanned, can be allocated correctly. For example: If the travel costs can only be roughly estimated, the tool can be used at any time during the project to check whether the initial estimate matched travel costs or whether additional budget is needed. Therefore, this tool enables direct control, budget changes can be detected early on and at a later stage post-calculation is simplified.

Another possibility for continuous control and transparency, mainly for costs, is the indication of the monetary budget (including order commitments) and an estimation of working hours at the beginning of the project. By means of various graphics and tables, which are updated by the program at any time, conclusions can be drawn very quickly about the actual costs (incl. invoice values from external deliveries/services) compared to the target costs and similarly with the hours. Thus, you can get an overview of all costs, the progress of your complete project and the required working time at any stage in the project. In short, you, your partners and the Owner get permanent transparency in any direction. Very simple, but very effective.

The graphic above shows the PSP of an example project including; the shifts due to current influences of the project. The red line shows the overdue shift and the blue or black line shows the planned shift.
Are you ready for Digital Project Management to deliver consistent and transparent project planning in the professional yachting industry?

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