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Unleash your inner explorer with SEAmagine: Exciting Citizen Science in exceptional 2 to 7 person submersibles with a record of over 12,000 successful dives completed by the fleet

Exploration of hydrospace, the term used to describe regions under the surface of our oceans, is as important, fascinating and rewarding as learning about, and one day traveling to, other planets in outer space. While there are many technologies that allow us to investigate the depths of our oceans, none are more precious and valuable than direct human access via manned submersibles. SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, the original submersible manufacturing company that introduced modern manned subs to the marine sector in the mid-90s, embodies the pursuit of human exploration, understanding and stewardship of the space below our oceans.

It is important to understand that humanity has for many decades spent considerably more attention and budgets on discovering outer space than on our planet’s hydrospace, yet it is bewildering how little we actually know of what exists in our oceans. Generally speaking, university researchers and scientists have a solid understanding of the top 100 metre layer of the seas, but anything deeper than that and our knowledge is as dim as the deep seas themselves, and mostly based on sporadic data points.

In the entire world, less than 200 non-military manned submersibles are in operation. This includes all governmental subs, scientific subs, tourism subs and subs in the yachting sector. Of these, only approximately 65 manned subs worldwide can reach depths greater than 450 metres. Knowing this, it cannot be overstated how unique, precious and fantastic it must be for a private yacht to have a modern submersible, like those built by SEAmagine on board. A yacht with a submersible is an incredible combination that gives owners the ability to reach never seen underwater sceneries, to discover shipwrecks and to observe rare sea life in its natural deep habitat, while sitting with friends and family in complete safety and comfort inside a crystal clear, transparent bubble. The exceptional and exciting underwater capability that subs provide, combined with the means of the owners to take their yachts to incredible dive sites anywhere around the world, is so unique that it is even beyond the capabilities of many of the most prestigious marine research institutes in the world.

To share one recent example of citizen science, the crew aboard the SHADOWCAT support yacht M.Y. HODOR, (which carries a SEAmagine three-person Aurora submersible depth- rated to 1,000 metres), made a scientific discovery during a routine training dive in French Polynesia. During one of the dives off the coast of Moorea Island, the crew aboard the SEAmagine sub observed a large 4.5 metre long prickly shark at a depth of 500 metres. Their discovery was the first ever recorded sighting of the rare species in French Polynesia. As a result, record of this scientific find is now published in Cybium, The International Journal of Ichthyology. This discovery represents a perfect example of the multi-dimensional value that a submersible brings to a private yacht. A submersible not only provides a yacht owner the opportunity for incredible new experiences, but it also empowers the yacht’s participation in the citizen science of our precious oceans.

SEAmagine produces 2 to 7 person submersibles with depth ratings ranging from 100 to 2,300 metres. The company’s designs focus on providing the best all round view to the occupants in a truly comfortable space and with premium seating arrangements for all aboard, including the pilot. For the same size and weight categories as other subs on the market, the interiors of SEAmagine Aurora subs provide far greater room for occupants, with larger ergonomic leather seats and more comfortable space between passengers. In addition, SEAmagine subs do not utilise a typical overhead entry hatch, which can significantly obstruct the overall field of view. Similarly, SEAmagine’s Aurora models do not require large frontal pontoons that obstruct passengers’ peripheral views.

Especially designed for safer and more comfortable boarding, SEAmagine Aurora submersibles’ patented entry arrangement is also superior to other submarine concepts. This is because the top deck, constructed of synthetic teak, offers a superbly stable boarding platform equipped with two retractable handrails on each side. A staircase leads passengers through an extra large entry hatch into the cabin’s interior that leads them directly to their seats within the sub’s glass dome. This unique design vastly improves the boarding process for passengers and enables them to embark and disembark in a smooth, safe and comfortable manner.

To ensure the best experience from a dive, any submersible should be capable of approaching a reef or an undersea wall very closely and remain in a steady position. For this reason, all SEAmagine submersibles come equipped with powerful, efficient and quiet direct-drive propulsion thrusters. The subs’ propulsion systems provide the pilots with superior maneuvering agility and the power to safely drive close to a reef or structure and hold an up-close position safely, even when there are currents to mitigate.

Of particular interest to the yachting sector, SEAmagine’s Aurora 3C submersible offers a compact and lightweight, 3 person model depth rated to 460 metres. Well-suited for integration aboard a yacht, the sub’s remarkable amount of interior space, roomy entry area while having a compact exterior are standout features unique to the Aurora-3C. These features distinguish it from any other compact submarine in the same weight category of under 4000 kg. This model can be fitted in the yacht’s tender garage be launched with a single or multiple-point hoisting arrangement.

The reliability track record of SEAmagine submersibles is beyond comparison. The company’s fleet of subs have accumulated well over 12,000 dives with a perfect safety record, and this represents a track record of around four times more dives than all other submersibles currently operating in yachting combined. Some of SEAmagine clients have performed over 3,000 dives with their sub over the years without ever once incurring any lost time due to technical problems with their sub. This is a phenomenal testament to the company’s superior designs, solid engineering and the unparalleled expertise that it earned over the nearly three decades pioneering the manned submersible sector.

Our oceans are of great significance, and the underwater world they encompass is a fascinating realm that demands our attention. SEAmagine offers the yachting community the opportunity to explore this world responsibly and in style and comfort. These advanced subs not only offer new experiences and discoveries for yacht owners, but also enable them to contribute to citizen science and help expand our knowledge and understanding of the planet’s hydrospace which is something, that clearly, the world could use more of.

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