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As more yachting adventurers seek out new destinations for remote exploration and experiences, explorer yachts and support vessels providing a platform for the tools to make this happen have increased in popularity. Tenders and ‘daughter vessels’ that offer the genuine capability to connect their owners to the environment, are in high demand.

Since launching their range of Explorer Series 20-30 metre expedition vessels in January 2019, British technology and adventure company, Arksen, has become a strong force in the marine industry and continue to drive market change. The latest design is their flagship model in the new Adventure Series, the 13.35m metre Arksen 45, another unique and exceptional offering.

Arksen, founded by Jasper Smith, is built on three key elements, the Arksen vessels, the Arksen Foundation and the Arksen

Explorers’ Club. The new Arksen 45 is built to be multi-functional, able to support leisure, research and commercial voyages by operating either as a tender/chase boat, or for independent adventurous excursions.

Each boat is purpose-built to be functional and versatile. Once again, Arksen delved deep into the minds and intentions of owners, to design a product based on modern day wants and needs. Whilst retaining elements of luxury, the vessel combines explorer styling, rugged construction, generous interior and exterior space and large load carrying capacity with long range, high speed capability and exceptional seakeeping.

This is a boat designed to go further, for longer, and with greater capacity for toys and equipment to entertain even the most adventurous owner or guest.

The Arksen Adventure Series are built in collaboration with renowned British powerboat and RIB specialists, Ring Powercraft. The Arksen 45 is based on their proven hull design, which is currently used in the defence and commercial sectors.
A company with a racing heritage formed over five decades, their hull designs have proven themselves capable of handling even the most hostile and challenging of seas. Commenting on their design, Ring Powercraft’s CEO, David Jackson, said: “Ring’s proven hull designs, which have evolved throughout the brand’s 51-year history, combine high-speed capability with fuel efficiency, soft riding and exceptional rough water handling.”

With fuel capacity delivering a range of up to 500 miles and a hull capable of sprint speeds over 50 knots, the Arksen 45 is available with a range of propulsion options to suit different users including outboards, stern drive and water jet propulsion systems, with petrol, diesel or hybrid power plants. The lightness of the structure, accredited to the extensive use of Honeycomb panels, combined with a fine entry ensures fuel economy is also a considerable advantage.
The vessel is capable of multi-day independent adventures enabling owners and their guests to spend longer in their chosen destinations, operating autonomously to the mothership. It can provide a safe and comfortable ride in some of the world’s more challenging locations and the separate forward cabin and full height shower room allow guests to freshen up in privacy after a dive or day at the beach.

The large aft deck space, with adjustable track securing system and spacious storage above the pilot-house provides the ability to carry a significant amount of equipment. Modular configuration allows change of function, from leisure and relaxation to diving and watersports, to transfer of dive gear, kayaks or surfboards, motorcycles, research equipment and so on. It can be as amenable and flexible as your imagination! Matching the practicalities and features required for both polar and tropical adventuring, whilst remaining functional for the more well-trodden routes is a tough line to tread, but the Arksen team thrive on a technical challenge and have certainly succeeded with the ARKSEN 45 RIB.

Arksen has grown from a desire to challenge many of the old assumptions still prevalent in the marine industry; to move towards experiential ownership, combining boat ownership with epic adventures, science and philanthropy. Through the Arksen Foundation, Arksen has partnered with the newly launched ‘Yachts for Science’ platform, which links vessels and their owners with scientists and research projects, increasing worldwide capacity for vital marine research.

Their ethos is to inspire everyone to find the true explorer within themselves by providing the tools and platforms to realise those

dream adventures. Arksen endeavour to enable people to truly connect with the environment and achieve new experiences they never thought possible. It is the desire to unlock this potential which runs throughout both their Explorer and Adventure series.

This belief comes from within. Arksen Founder Jasper is described by many as passionate, humble and genuine, the same credentials that run through the core of the company. He saw an opportunity in applying technology and new innovations to the superyacht industry to benefit ocean research and maximise the enjoyment of being onboard. Speaking at a superyacht event last year, Jasper described why he launched Arksen, “Our mission is to inspire a new generation of explorer, sailor, adventurer and scientist; motivating them to go further, for longer and in support of projects that empower global audiences to better understand, protect and nurture the world’s oceans.

“The new Arksen 45 vessel has been designed from the ground up as the very best tool for marine adventure and one that could be used for leisure, research or commercial purposes.”

For those owners and crews who are new to exploring higher latitudes, Arksen are also offering supported rallies starting in early 2022 which take in a number of routes, while offering once in a lifetime experiences at each location.

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Speeds In excess of 50 knts Long range mission Capability beyond 500nm LOA 13.35m BOA 3.25m
• The flagship of the Arksen Adventure Vessels range
• Available in outboard, sterndrive or jet drive variants
• Extensive external and internal configuration and equipment options
• Exceptional performance and rough water handling
• Operational capability in extreme hot and cold climates