Electric Jetboards 2023


There is no better way to enjoy an exhilarating trip over the waves with the latest selection of electric e-boards

Radinn is the world’s leading electric jetboard company and their jetboards truly embody the next-generation of water sports: a fully electric device that lets you soar across the water at incredible speeds with virtually no sound. The Radinn jetboard is controlled by a handheld remote that adjusts the riders’ speed and acceleration with effortless manoeuvrability. The jetboard’s modular design consists of a board, battery, and jetpack which connect to a fully-integrated app and allow riders to track their excursions and upgrade their performance options with the click of a button. Radinn jetboards come in three models that range in durability and performance capability: The X-Sport, The Freeride, and The Carve. The Freeride is Radinn’s ultimate, all-purpose board. It holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, and is easy to get started on but also responsive enough for more playful riding. The X-Sport is Radinn’s most durable and customisable board, and is great for rentals and lessons. If riders are looking for a little bit more of a challenge, The Carve board is the pick. This board is more agile by design and offers a unique riding style, trick capabilities, and wave jumping.


Through the know how of professional surfing combined with German engineering, excellent handling characteristics can be implemented. The highest agility is noticeable in tight turns and tremendous acceleration. With 115kg of thrust and 15.000 rpm the mo-jet has the strongest performance in the market. Thanks to an innovative battery cooling concept, this power can be reliably accessed over the entire discharge cycle. Mo-jet can also glide people with up to 140 kg body weight and tow a light person on a wakeboard or fun tube. With just one drive module and five different bow modules, you have five different boards in one: A jet board, a body board, a diving scooter, an inflatable jetboard and a rescue board. The powerful 15 KW or 20 HP engine on the jet revs up the various modules with breathtaking acceleration and lets even the heaviest riders glide effortlessly over the waves.

Lampuga delivers true driving pleasure on the water. Their premium quality surfboards, are electrically powered and very easy to handle. They are suitable for every rider, enabling even absolute beginners to experience the thrill of surfing, regardless of wind and waves. The Lampuga Air combines a striking design with easy transportability and a powerful jet drive for the best movement on water. The unique modular design of the Lampuga Air stands behind its great product advantages compared to regular boards: an inflatable PVC-hull, which protects your boat from scratching and the Power Box, which contains the electric motor, cooling and the powerful lithium-ion battery.


Having been on the market since 2010. They were one of the first companies to enter this exciting new market, and have since established themselves as one of the leading players in the industry. Heavily involved in founding a new sport – motorised surfboarding – which has now been officially recognised by the UIM federation. Their innovative designs and advanced technology have helped to push the limits of motorised surfboarding, making it a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers around the world. Over the years, JETSURF has manufactured and sold more than 8000 motorised surfboards, each one built with lightweight carbon fibre and powered by a two-stroke combustion or electric engine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, JETSURF offers a model to suit your needs and skill level.


The efoil all-round Paulownia range is suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert. This range is designed for thrill seekers, but also for nature lovers. The PWR-Foil is easy to manoeuvre and offers an unforgettable experience to share with friends and family. Available in 4 sizes: 4’4; 5’1; 5’7; 5’9” The PWR- Foil sport range in Carbon Biax is perfect for surfing, and was invented for riders who want speed and tight turns. The PWR-Foil sport range offers an unrivalled riding experience that you won’t find anywhere else. These eFoils are designed for maximum manoeuvrability and quick response. For the agile rider, our new shorter kites (1270cm2 and 1370cm2) allow you to turn with great precision and change direction quickly. Available in 4 sizes: 4’1; 4’8; 5’2; 5’8.

Fliteboard, the Australian based global electric hydrofoil innovator, is pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive and advanced range of eFoils on the market, the Series 3. Loved by superyacht owners around the world, Fliteboard’s latest release represents the purest expression of the ultimate ride, featuring a collection of innovative new products including the ULTRA L – the world’s lightest performance eFoil, a line of new board shapes, colours and finishes including a lower cost board range, Flite Jet, Dual Drive, Flitecell Nano, and new mast and wing options. With design, innovation, performance and community at the core of the Flite brand, Series 3 promises riders more freedom and more life. With a 2 year warranty, 24/7 support and an unmatched safety record with Flitecell batteries, Fliteboard owners can be confident they possess the best water toy ever.


The Audi e-tron foil surfboard by Aerofoils is a cutting-edge product that offers a unique and exhilarating surfing experience. It is the first jet engine-powered hydrofoil surfboard on the market, featuring advanced technology in hydrodynamics and propulsion. The hydrofoil system allows riders to glide effortlessly over the water, achieving impressive speeds and performing thrilling manoeuvres. The jet engine provides powerful and efficient propulsion while maintaining a sleek and minimalist design. Made from high-quality materials, such as carbon fibre and aluminium, the e-tron foil surfboard is durable yet lightweight. It also features a fully shielded propeller, ensuring the utmost safety for riders.