Elegant Italian showers from Inoxstyle


Elegant Italian showers to enhance the beach decks from INOXSTYLE

Elegant Italian showers from Inoxstyle

Yacht owners looking for full integration with the sea is a current tendency and to follow this, the beach club area is becoming more important in yacht design. With the bridge above sea level, the stern yacht space is now a luxurious resort, a lounge furnished with free standing furniture often integrated into a fitness and wellness area. In this exclusive environment, the shower is an indispensable design feature, and the Inoxstyle shower is a work of art.

As winners of the most prestigious international design awards, Inoxstyle showers perfectly suit the beach clubs on the most prestigious superyachts with their elegant appearance, remaining unique as they are handcrafted one by one for each individual customer.

The elegance of the lines, the beauty of the material, the power of the structure combined with the splendour of marine grade stainless steel or brilliant weaving of the carbon fibre, establishes a perfect balance in the continuity between form and function, style and efficiency, technology and nature.

The result of Inoxstyle’s experience in luxury boating offers a variety of shower models with every capacity to enhance the stylish environments and demonstrate this synthesis of Italian design, craftsmanship and quality of materials.

In addition to the refined design, there are other essential characteristics of a shower that distinguish a space that has become so important today.

First of all, the materials must ensure that the beauty of the forms remain unchanged over time. All Inoxstyle showers are handcrafted, one by one, using thick Marine Grade AISI316L stainless steel, mirror-polishing finish with multiple sequences for a nautical finish, or a velvet finish made by manually mirrorpolishing that is subsequently put through a glass peening process.

Those made of an exclusive high-quality carbon fibre module undergo a final anti-age treatment with an innovative resin varnish that allows only 1% of UV rays to penetrate, leaving an unaltered transparent finish over the years. These technical solutions protect every Inoxstyle shower from even the most severe weather conditions.

Different models and finishes for the dual function mixers guarantee the perfect adjustment of the water temperature and flow. The mountings, without screws protect against saltwater corrosion and are available in various shapes according to the different models. The showerhead is always large offering a spa-like wellness experience together with standard attachments.

The assembly on the deck does not require any tools, the crew insert the lower part of the shower body into the deck support. This exclusive patented coupling system allows the shower body to rotate 360°, so the shower can always be in the ideal position. Thanks to the welding and polishing that uses only quality materials and craftsmanship, Inoxstyle guarantees the absence of oxidation problems for ten years.

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