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ONBOARD recently sat down with vice-president Janne Salminen to discuss Europlan Yacht Interiors’ vision of yachting, discussing the company’s explorer vessel building expertise, and asking how their know how can change the superyacht onboard experience

What defines a real expedition vessel in your opinion?
JS: That’s a very good question. To start with: at the core, explorer yachts are vessels that have been purpose built or specially converted to be able to travel long distances. According to some yacht brokers and yacht management experts, real explorer yachts should be able to run at least 5,000 nautical miles without needing to go into port. Is this the case with all the explorer vessels that we have currently available on the market? The technical capacities to really explore should be there, but some of the luxury yachts that are actually classified as explorer yachts do not meet the requirements. We are particularly talking about big volumes, storage capacity, seaworthiness, minimum range and so on. Nowadays, function plays a vital role together with aesthetics. Also, some explorer yachts fall under SOLAS rules, and that needs to be taken into account when building a yacht interior as well.

Function and aesthetics: can both of these be combined in explorer yacht building process?
JS: Of course they can. There is a gap in understanding aesthetics and a misconception of luxury these days in the context of expedition vessels. “Function and aesthetics” — these two actually cannot live without each other in the yachting world.

However we need to establish what’s behind the word “aesthetics” — is it luxury, comfort or both? Some designers would say that “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. At Europlan Yacht Interiors we believe that this statement is the key point in building explorer yachts.

How can good project management derived from the cruise ship background change the superyacht cruising experience?
JS: How are we changing the superyacht cruising experience (it’s happening!)? By re-interpreting the laws of luxury interiors with our unique know-how, giving life to yacht designs through high-tech solutions and advanced engineering developments. Our strong project management background and flexible subcontracting network focuses on deliveries in any foreign shipyard. The company’s business concept is focused on planning and designing, material procurement, installation and post- delivery support. So, as you can see,
we offer turnkey solutions. We like to call ourselves a ‘one-stop shop” for superyacht and explorer yacht new builds and refits.

“The one-stop shop for superyacht and explorer yacht new builds and refits”…— what else can we shop for there? Any more examples? JS: When we approach a project, for example the owner’s, guests’ and crew areas – the detailed engineering (3D model engineering with meta-data and BIM (Building Intelligent Model)), materials, and installation of first- rate interiors are accompanied by all the possible technical options, like HVAC, piping, insulation, as well as electrical and AV- systems.

Is that true that the ‘one-stop shop’ from Finland also manufactures superyacht interior components?
JS: Yes, indeed. Our fully equipped in-house production includes metal, glass, wood, stone and paint workshops to produce tailor-made, multi-functional products. We also have a vast network of long-standing suppliers and manufacturers who support us for a wider range of products. We make sure the design and production work seamlessly together and that all hand-made, custom details and modifications are made with due care.

So it looks like your commercial background works in your favour?
JS: Definitely it does, I will give you another example: thanks to our commercial background Europlan Yacht Interiors managed to create a legendary totally Rolls-Royce inspired bridge on board Andromeda, which, six years after the launch of the vessel, is still one of the most recognisable bridges in the yachting business.

“Expedition style with real presence” – how would you translate this sentence into superyacht technical language?
JS: I would translate this statement as work that promotes a fresh and more sustainable superyacht interior design perspective. We want to keep pace with the highest level of quality standards of a real explorer yacht. However, our mission is also to continue the expedition vessels’ tradition by embracing practicality. For the new generation of yacht owners, we want to create a perfect mix of Design and Practicality, combined in “a spiritual union” with sustainable design solutions. We produce what our client wants. We have no other standard, or scope of delivery, other than quality.

Some industry experts say that every yacht should be an explorer yacht, do you agree?
JS: Yes and no. It all depends on how we want to educate our customers in the future. With a new generation of adventurous yacht owners, I want to believe that the superyacht building industry is going in the right direction. With that being said, today is about having a boat that serves the purpose of exploring, but also about combining this exploring with a mission to drive sustainability in the superyacht sector.

Europlan Yacht Interiors is a part of Europlan Engineering Ltd with headquarters in Finland. With their 5,300m2 production facilities, the company developed trusted partnerships and paved their way to the building of new superyachts and refit projects on the interiors of expedition yachts like Andromeda, Ulysses and Here Comes The Sun. Currently, the company is working on new projects with luxury superyacht builders and shipyards based in the Netherlands.
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