Clay Builder looks at the benefits of the multi-usage Platforms from Nautibuoy Marine. Their modular system simplifies daily topside maintenance jobs

NautiBuoy Marine specialises in modular inflatable platforms, docks and accessories. Specifically designed to extend the aft of any size yacht, the modular system enables you to customise the extension to suit your yachts needs and activities for any given day.

Their versatility gives you the freedom to create transom extensions, beach clubs, jet-ski & SEABOB docks, stable walkways, private islands & maintenance rafts.

A couple of platforms simply connected together provide owners, captains and crew with a multifunctional set of inflatable tools that offers solutions to several common issues at water level.

When the boss is on, the platforms can be used by the owner and guests. When the boss is off, the platforms can be used for daily topside maintenance and also heavier yard period work.

Simply convert the boss ready platform with the addition of a fully protective maintenance cover. Plus, with the addition of collapsible Velcro bottom buckets and hose holders, your crew can work efficiently around the topsides without loosing equipment over the side

With inflation/ deflation times in under 5 minutes across the entire size range, the platforms can be single- handedly inflated and launched anywhere quickly and easily and when the boss wants to move, recovered quickly.

We interviewed Captain Frazer of MY Gene Machine about his experience with the NautiBuoy Platforms:

1. Have the platforms changed the way your crew provides hospitality at water level?
Yes, absolutely, they have had very positive impact on our ability to conduct water sports and general maintenance.

2. How have the platforms changed the way your crew work?
They’re certainly very useful for washing, conducting repairs and detailing when we are limited on space between vessels whilst moored. They are sturdy and there is no risk of damaging the hull.

3. What do the guests and owners like most about the NautiBuoy Platforms?
Our guests love them, they extend the yachts swim platform allowing the crew to deploy more toys out at the same time.

4. What do you like most about them?
When we setup our “NautiBuoy Marina” it allows us to showcase all our toys and give the guests more options.

5. What are some of the challenges that NautiBuoy platforms solve for you?
1) Having “dockage” for all our toys when at anchor (2 sailboats, 4 jetskis, paddle boards etc.
2) Washing / Detailing the hull without having to detail a tender afterwards!

6. How does the NautiBuoy platform compare to other inflatables?
Wipes the floor with any other inflatable platform we have used.7. Are there any instances where you have created a way of using them that has solved any water level problems?
We have created our own tender docks on numerous occasions allowing our guests to get ashore in remote locations without having to use our smaller tender and without getting their feet wet.

8. What are the products best features?
The sturdiness and the way they connect together

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