VBH specialise in on board entertainment. Nico van Leeuwen explains how they create intuitive and customised solutions for some of the world’s most demanding customers and combine multiple technologies to deliver outstanding results that are user friendly and will stand the test of time

VBH strongly believe ultimate luxury is custom innovation, turning your dreams into reality. By developing user-friendly innovations for all on board, we create new experiences for the yachting lifestyle.

We specialise in Audio Visual and IT, in lighting, security and bespoke installations that merge art and technology. It’s both exciting and inspirational to see the different technical disciplines within VBH work together and realise a project. The potential of what achieve is always growing since technology develops so fast. Anticipating the future requires us to be flexible and agile and keep thinking ahead. The process of integration is as much an art as a science, and when everyone with their different skill sets and specialisations works as a team the results can be truly exceptional. Combining the very latest in technology with the beauty and craftsmanship of the world’s finest yachts is something of which I never tire. VBH offers fantastic service throughout the yacht’s lifecycle. We employ dedicated, highly specialized Field Service Engineers and Service Coordinators to ensure fast response times, no matter where the yacht is. With our 24/7 helpdesk, we are able to offer around the clock remote assistance. We have a worldwide support system, with fast response times.

Ever since the sixties, at VBH, we look for ways to make yachting better and more exciting for everyone on board. Technology offers many ways of improving life on board. Reliability, convenience and simplicity are key points of attention, and bring many innovation opportunities. Technology offers many ways of improving life on board for different clients. By combining and integrating multiple technologies, we bring new capabilities to live. Building such complex systems, while keeping usage and interaction simple is something VBH always focuses on.

One of the key challenges during any yacht build is that technology evolves, while the yacht is build. You don’t want a new yacht, with old technology! In the past, systems needed to be connected physically. This is changing to a software based connection, which brings many advantages when it comes to flexible systems. By using a flexible software based backbone, it’s easier to connect new hardware later in the build. We’ve used this on a recent 87m yacht.

By working closely with suppliers, clients and designers, VBH stays on top of what is important for everyone. By stimulating joint projects and collaboration, we get the best of both worlds. E.g. integrating technology in ways that convey emotion, and by using technology as a living material, as a texture.

Good examples of subtle applications are automated sequences for watching movies or TV shows, where light settings are automatically adjusted based on activities.

More extravagant examples are interactive bars, walls and hallways that use screens to display content to transform spaces. Instead of such screens being only in use for movies or TV, we use them as interactive backgrounds for moods. They can add depth and meaning to a space. Think of yoga sessions, parties, dinners, business meetings, etc.
At VBH we are specialised in integrating luxury technology on board superyachts. We believe the ultimate luxury is custom innovation, turning dreams into reality. By developing user-friendly innovations for all on board, we create new experiences for the yachting lifestyle.

VBH is active in all stages of the yacht life-cycle. We help design and build Audio, Video and IT solutions for New Builds. We offer 24/7 global service for yacht out sailing. We do upgrades and refits, to help keep the yacht in perfect shape for existing or new owners.

From our offices in Amsterdam, Antibes and Fort Lauderdale, it’s easy to enter a conversation with us about how you would like to use technology.

Nico van Leeuwen is Director of Marketing & Sales at VBH.

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