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PhR Yacht Design and Naval Architects are known as specialists in one off motor and sailing yachts based in Marseille, France. The company has collaborated for years with WEYVES Couture, and specialise in projects with fashion designers and luxury brands, ‘Made in France’ such as Kenzo Takada and Elie Saab among the most prestigious. PhR Yacht Design concentrate on unique projects, emphasising the essence of design without forgetting the importance of naval architecture: respecting both comfort and style at sea and at anchor and the actual needs of customers.

PhR is nevertheless not limited to the very elitist universe of yachting and is the creator of a method and kit for constructing a small motor boat for those who prefer smaller day craft. For several years, his work has directed him towards more environmentally friendly materials, and customers are now systematically seeking electric or hybrid propulsion, with a lower environmental impact. This irreversible evolution as much as personal convictions led Philippe Renaudeau to reflect on his job and to consider the notion of performance differently. All the current projects are now designed to be cleaner and the sourcing of materials is part of sustainable development.

Today, PhR Yacht Design and Naval Architects approaches new projects of professional ships, yachts or pleasure boats with an eco¬responsible approach and constant concern to seek innovative solutions, integrating relevant innovations as far as possible. They believe that they are in the midst of a ‘green transition’, and that the solutions that many of us will adopt tomorrow do not yet exist. This is one of the reasons why PhR are creating for 2021 a GREEN TOUR Challenge, competition for engineering schools, and which, like the Tour de France à la Voile, will consist of training courses in the Atlantic and Mediterranean over a period of 3 weeks on catamarans built from bamboo fibre and equipped with an electric motor. Students will have to develop the means for producing and managing the energy required that will enable them to be efficient, autonomous and enduring at the same time.

Today, PhR Yacht Design and Naval Architects is developing a new type of cruise ship designed for a new generation, integrating the fact that more and more sites are no longer accessible to thermal motors. They also work on fast shuttles intended for fast and comfortable maritime connections and collaborate with event companies to develop a ship that can offer original and innovative services by minimising pollution.

The large multihull rental sector is also undergoing a major change. In close collaboration with a French brokerage company specialised in multihull for years, PhR will soon launch the construction of a fleet of ten 88’ trimaran which will be built in a French shipyard and equipped with a clean propulsion. Finally, the company retain a special attachment to the world of yachting and will soon propose 4 projects that they hope will capture the interest of a new generation of sailorman. PhR have a sailing yacht in the ‘super maxi’ category, a 190’ Motoryacht in co-branding with a French brand of luxury, then they will soon launch 2 very exclusive motorboats in very limited series. They have produced several prestigious brands of international renown, while remaining faithful to their commitments: to sail better and respect the planet.

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