Gyroscopic stabilization


Gyroscopic stabilization technology specialist Smartgyro is revolutionising the sector and winning positive reviews for new installations including a Mangusta 92 refit project

The luxury of comfort and time on the water are high on the wish list for anyone onboard a superyacht.

While effective roll reduction solutions are certain to enhance the experience at sea, the downside – at least until now – has been that maintenance or repair of advanced stabilizer systems could result in lost cruising days and additional costs.

Finally, there is a unique gyroscopic stabilization option, which delivers both the prized aspirations of less motion and more uninterrupted time. As increasing numbers of captains, crew and OEMs are discovering, the difference is all about the design.

The Smartgyro advantage

The company’s engineers understand today’s demand for technologically advanced equipment that eliminates boat roll, but also recognise the need for units that are simple to install, run and maintain to minimise downtime, reduce service costs and extend the unit life.

The result is the SG Series range of sophisticated gyro stabilizers that offers superior roll reduction, alongside a key advantage – in situ service and maintenance.

Smartgyro achieved the outstanding distinction by devising a cutting-edge modular mechanical design, which incorporates the sphere with flywheel and base frame, enabling full disassembly of the stabilizer. Unique to the market, the units can be fully serviced, maintained and assembled directly inside the boat, creating new installation opportunities in vessels with small access spaces and also making refitting easier and more cost-efficient.

Positive feedback from yacht builders
Smartgyro continues to collaborate with an increasing number of luxury yacht builders who are keen to take advantage of the next generation units.

Earlier this year, Italian builder Overmarine Group worked with Smartgyro on the installation of an SG80 unit on a Mangusta 92 superyacht. The refit project on the
28.3m open style sport yacht was completed at the shipyard in Viareggio and earned positive reviews from the builder and owner after a smooth installation process and outstanding performance during recent sea trials.

Overmarine Group CEO Maurizio Balducci said: “We selected the SG80 for this project because of the significant maintenance and installation advantages provided by the structure of the unit, as well as the design innovations developed by Smartgyro to maximise roll reduction, performance and efficiency. We are pleased to report the satisfaction and enthusiasm of the owner after sea trials and look forward to further successful cooperation with Smartgyro in the future.”

With more flexibility to easily install the modular SG80 in narrow spaces, Overmarine Group opted to position the Smartgyro unit in the stern area of the Mangusta 92. Carlo Gazerro, Smartgyro Sales Manager, added: “Comfort onboard is of great value today, with superior stabilization solutions in great demand. Our focus remains on enabling more boaters and OEMs to experience the groundbreaking benefits of our units in improving life onboard and simplifying installation and maintenance.”

Mediterranean presence
Smartgyro has a strong network of partners throughout the Mediterranean to support customers. With its latest appointments in Greece, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus and Spain, Smartgyro continues to expand its presence in the region and across the world.

With further units under development, the Smartgyro range consists of the SG20, SG40, SG60 and SG80, bringing boat stabilization for new build and re-fitted vessels from 30ft to more than 85ft.

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