Hefring Marine

Come rain or shine, get up to speed quickly with Hefring Marine, to train and guide your boating experience

The rising wave
Seafarers throughout history needed methods to ensure that they would reach their destinations safe and sound. Methods for navigation included everything from observing the motions of the stars to creating myths and stories that could help transfer knowledge down through the generations. Ægir and Ran, the Nordic god and goddess of the sea had nine daughters. The daughters were depictions of wave spirits and their names reflected different characteristics of waves. One of the daughters was named for the rising wave. Her name was Hefring.

Sustainable practices
The Hefring Marine system is designed to promote sustainable practices, improve on board welfare and safety and reduce power demand during vessel operation. Research has shown that up to 96% of boating accidents are caused by human error, operator inexperience, excessive speeding or improper lookout. The core of the system is data analysis and interpretation for improved safety and efficiency. The system comes with a sensor kit that can be permanently installed or easily fitted into any boat. The sensor connects to a mobile device, tablet or phone, where data can be viewed in the system´s app or to leading multifunction displays.

Safe speeds and impact limits
The system analyses a vessel’s motions and speed and determines a safety speed limit, which is shown to the operator on an intuitive gauge. Another gauge shows the impact forces, but the system continuously calculates a safety speed which minimises these impacts. Because the system actively recalculates the vessel´s speed where unwanted motions are minimised, the ride becomes smoother, therefore more fuel efficient and reduces impact-related vessel maintenance.

Guidance and active training
The system provides guidance and active training, important for any operator and less experienced vessel operators in particular. All trip data is analysed and collected to a cloud server, offline options are available, and presented in a report format in an administration portal.

Research has shown a 60-70% reduction in impact and motion as a direct result of the system’s operation guidance. This can result in less accidents, reduced fuel consumption and a decline in impact-related maintenance costs for the vessel.

AI and improved decision making
An updated version of the system is currently being developed and to be launched in 2021. This will feature NMEA2000 connectivity for vessel data so that all systems data is captured as well. This system will not only provide real-time insights, but also predictions using advanced artificial intelligence to improve decision-making further. This system update will also provide heading and route guidance so that difficult conditions can be avoided and safe and efficient motions and speed can be maintained.

Superyacht tenders
There are direct benefits of using the Hefring Marine system in yacht tender operations and management. It´s designed as a intelligent boating assistant, to train and guide, improve decision making and ensure trips are safer, more efficient and comfortable. The system also offers a web portal for trip logs and reports allowing yacht management companies, yacht captains and yacht owners to follow how yacht tenders are being operated.

The maximum allowable speed and wave impact limits for the tender operation can be set in the fleet administration portal and which controls how operators follow that maximum allowable speed and impact threshold. The web portal provides access to data, reports and logs on operation and operator behavior in a transparent and easy to understand report.

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