Hempel Marine Coatings

Hempel is shaping a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions through constant innovative R&D

A company well known in the Commercial Marine sector, Hempel, in addition to setting ambitious goals to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing, has also been tirelessly working to reduce the environmental impact of the marine industry for decades and yet they are relatively unknown in the superyacht industry.

Hempel’s ambition to double by 2025 makes their commitment to sustainability even more important. The company will be carbon neutral in its own operations by 2025 and has made a commitment to set science-based targets in their value chain. Only 300 companies worldwide have committed to this.

Hempel is therefore committed, now more than ever, to provide sustainable coatings and services to support those and is actively looking to collaborate with customers to support their own sustainability ambitions. There is already much that Hempel can do with the classical ‘wet paint’ offer, bringing tried and tested solutions from other markets (such as Hempaguard X7), resulting in real, measurable benefits.

However, future solutions and approaches are often held back by barriers ‘around the paint’ such as traditional application methods or the cultural norms of the industry. When creating the new solutions Hempel considers the whole process of coating a yacht to create better solutions for the industry and environment, with the ultimate ambition of ‘doing no harm’ in everything the company does.

Hempel is already offering the market best in class technologies for antifouling coatings in the commercial sector and has already begun introducing those technologies to the superyacht market. Hempaguard X7, Hempaguard X5 and Hempasil X3+ bring real tangible benefits to the industry and are fundamentally different and unique compared to all currently available hull coatings.

For superyachts interested in world cruising, these innovative coatings provide exceptional performance in both warm and cold waters, when cruising at slow or fast speeds and even when static for extended period of time. Further benefits include extended maintenance intervals up to 5 years and high solid formulations.

This innovative range of underwater hull coatings provide a best in class solution for superyachts, whilst reducing annual fuel consumption up to 6%, minimise green house gas emissions, reduce paint volume and consumption and keep the hull fouling free. Although Hempel is supporting a more sustainable yacht industry, as a coatings producer, surely they can’t do this alone and the industry will need to come closer together if there is going to be a real change and drive to a more sustainable industry.

For more info about Hempel sustainable solutions visit www.hempel.com