Invincible Boat Company


Ian Birdsall, Vice President International Business, explains, ‘There are already a number of Invincible boats in the Mediterranean and further afield operating as superyacht tenders, and we continue to attract significant interest from the sector. With the ability to customize to an owner’s requirements, and with a complete range of high-performance offshore catamarans and monohulls, Invincible offers the perfect chase boat or onboard tender for the larger superyacht segment. The boats all feature industry-leading quality finishes to match that of any mother ship.’

Birdsall adds, ‘Our expert builders use the most advanced construction technologies and only the very best materials and hardware find their way into an Invincible. This fixation with perfection is what makes the difference between an Invincible and any other brand. Within the parameters of semi-custom, owner-designed boats, we are specialists at ensuring the Invincible is built to exacting standards and with the owners distinct wishes in mind.’

There are nine models in the range starting at 33’ and moving up to the latest, the 46’ Catamaran, was announced at Miami Boat Show. With such a wide range of yachts, there is a model to suit different yacht requirements. This new flagship model is the largest ever built by Invincible and was received well by the market and the company quickly had an order book covering the next 12 months’ production.

You can have big cat performance in a smaller package too with the 35’ Catamaran. Designed to provide maximum performance from either a twin or quad engine configuration the 35’ offers effortless maneuverability and a fast, dry and a comfortable ride with unparalleled stability in all conditions. The one level floor and wide, open-plan design provide exceptional space for passengers and extensive storage. With all Invincible models having an optional full size head beneath the center console.

‘Invincible is a great fit for yachts as an open chase boat,’ says Richard Booth, Senior Project Manager and Sales Manager at Superyacht Tenders & Toys. ‘The boats are well-built, dry, fast and offer an enormous amount of guest seating all at a very attractive price point.’ Booth visited the Invincible factory in Florida earlier in the year and had the opportunity to try out several models at the Miami Boat Show.

Whether the requirement is to get guests from A to B very quickly, in all sea states, go offshore fishing, diving, snorkeling, or just have fun with family and friends, a comfortable ride is assured.

Superyacht charter captains who want to offer offshore fishing as an attraction will be particularly interested in the Invincible set up. Invincible boats are revered amongst serious offshore fisherman for the integrity of the build and the guarantee of a fast, dry and comfortable ride. That’s key when conditions change. Guests can feel secure with the serious seakeeping qualities of an invincible. In serious waters, Invincible lives up to its name.

Invincible are serious about their international expansion and are confident they will make great strides in to the superyacht market. Ian Birdsall explains “Our boats have a robust and trusted reputation in the USA and we plan to bring this technology, experience and craftsmanship to the Mediterranean.”

In conclusion Ian Birdsall confirms “We’ve included resources in our international plans to meet the specific requirements of superyacht industry professionals. We’re committed to supporting everyone involved, whether they be owners, captains, naval architects and designers or family offices. We are serious about international business.”

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