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ONBOARD talks to Lesley Walker from the Isle of Man Maritime organisation about their role and objectives in supporting the growth of maritime businesses on the island

Isle of Man MaritimeA unique blend of ancient history, vibrant culture, and breath- taking landscapes await those who visit the Isle of Man. Whether you are seeking exhilarating adventures, a peaceful retreat into nature, or a deep dive into historical mysteries, the Isle of Man invites visitors to step into a world where folklore and modernity meld seamlessly, creating an unforgettable experience to satisfy every traveller.

Nestled in the heart of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is not just a waypoint but a vibrant hub of maritime activity. It is a pivotal maritime centre, particularly renowned for its significant contributions to the superyacht sector as well as its thriving local sailing culture.

Its rugged coastlines and vibrant ports encapsulate centuries of seafaring tradition however, beyond its scenic landscapes lies a hub of maritime excellence, offering unique advantages for vessel ownership, registration, and management.


The Isle of Man’s rich maritime heritage traces back to its days as a Viking stronghold. This deep-rooted history is not merely preserved in museums but is still alive and influential today, shaping the maritime policies and business practices not just on the Island but within the wider industry, making the Isle of Man a unique and strategic player in the international maritime arena.

At the forefront of the Island’s maritime industry is the Isle of Man Ship Registry, recognised globally for its high standards and commitment to safety and quality. As one of the most respected flags for commercial and pleasure vessels, the registry offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive flag choice for new builds and existing vessels alike. With 779 vessels on its register and gross tonnage of 11,851,873.32 it is currently one of the largest ship registers in Europe.

The Isle of Man’s role in the superyacht sector is multifaceted, extending beyond registry services to encompass comprehensive management solutions tailored to the needs of superyacht owners and operators. From financial services and crewing to insurance and legal affairs, the Island presents a full spectrum of support that caters to the high standards and specific requirements of the superyacht community, not only driving economic activity on the island but also reinforcing its status as a centre of maritime excellence.

Then there is Isle of Man Maritime (IOMM), the dedicated cluster organisation, standing at the helm, driving the Island’s maritime sector. Established in 2018, IOMM plays a pivotal role in both preserving the island’s maritime legacy and steering its modern-day maritime industry towards global competitiveness. Its aim? To foster an environment of innovation, growth, and collaboration within the maritime arena, both on island and further afield, by providing a platform for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest developments.

A familiar face at major industry events like Monaco Yacht Show, London International Shipping Week and Posidonia, IOMM also hosts an array of networking and educational events for its members and is hosting its inaugural maritime conference this year to further promote the centre of maritime excellence – such strategic leadership ensuring the island’s maritime sector remains robust and innovative.

Spearheading community outreach programmes aimed at nurturing a new generation of maritime professionals, Isle of Man Maritime is at the forefront of promoting maritime careers through schools, a dedicated maritime careers fair, its annual tall ship initiative for local youths, and most importantly providing resources, training and funding to those interested in a career at sea; all contributing to its efforts to ensure the industry not only endures but thrives.

The maritime industry has played a significant role in the Island’s economic growth, providing stable employment prospects for professionals with diverse skill sets; for those seeking employment in the maritime sector, the Isle of Man offers a plethora of opportunities.

The expertise residing on the Isle of Man, particularly in the superyacht industry, is nothing short of world-class. The business ecosystem here is robust, featuring an array of services from high-tech engineering to bespoke legal advice, all catering to the needs of the superyacht sector. The business landscape in the Isle of Man is intricately linked with the maritime sector. A plethora of firms specialising in maritime law, financial services, crew and yacht management, marine IT and telecommunications, and much more operate from the island, supported by a regulatory environment that is both robust and business friendly. This ecosystem not only supports the operational needs of the global superyacht fleet but also contributes significantly to the local economy, fostering job creation and economic diversification.

The Isle of Man is also a central figure in the sailing regatta circuit across the Irish Sea, drawing competitive sailors from across the UK, Ireland, and Western Europe. Local yacht clubs host an array of events that not only highlight competitive sailing but also foster community engagement and enjoyment of the island’s maritime environment. For yachtsmen and women sailing the Irish Sea, the island serves as an ideal stopover offering a warm welcome to those docking at its shores.

Looking ahead, the Isle of Man is poised for growth in the maritime sector, particularly in developing its infrastructure to better serve the superyacht community, which will further bolster the island’s appeal as a premier destination for both registration and recreation.

From the Viking longships that once navigated its shores to the elegant sailing yachts and superyachts that grace its waters today, the Isle of Man has always been defined by its relationship with the sea. The island’s maritime history has not only shaped its cultural identity but continues to influence its economic trajectory, no more so than with its strategic importance in the global maritime industry and its bespoke offerings in the superyacht sector.

The Isle of Man’s reputation as a centre of maritime excellence is well- deserved, thanks to its specialised service providers, supportive regulatory framework, emphasis on education and research, and lifestyle opportunities. With a vibrant community of maritime professionals, innovative businesses, and collaborative networks, the Island continues to attract individuals and companies seeking to tap into its wealth of maritime expertise.

Whether it is management, engineering, or finance, the Isle of Man stands ready to provide the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for success in the dynamic world of maritime industries. With a strategic vision and steadfast commitment to excellence, the Isle of Man continues to strengthen its position as a global maritime leader, and its superyacht sector, with its extensive economic impact and deep ties to the island’s maritime legacy, remains a key area of focus.

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