Its a wrap

LuxWrap’s Founder discusses the benefits of wrapping the interior as well as superstructures

With the ever-increasing technological advancements in film and foil technology, now more than ever it is possible to transform the look and personality of a yacht in ways and timeframes once thought unimaginable. As an industry leader, LuxWrap offers a comprehensive range of services to superyacht managers and owners, ranging from exterior hull and superstructure wrapping, to interior refits and the protection of high traffic surfaces with specialised protection films.

Hull and Superstructure Colour Changes
The speed a full hull colour change can be delivered is unprecedented and is one of the many reasons that superyacht managers and owners have taken an interest in vinyl wrapping.

Everyone knows that painting superyachts is expensive and time consuming and must be done at least every 8-10 years. It is our opinion that wrapping should not be considered as an alternative to paint, but rather as a complement.
Wrapping lasts several years and has an incredible range of colours/finishes. It also protects paint from the elements and UV. When we combine this with our unique ‘in the water’ installation process, the cost can be as low as 1/10th the cost of paint at 50m, and even lower in percentage terms as the yacht size increases as we completely eliminate the need to slip/drydock.

Furthermore with larger yachts, wrapping often costs less than polishing, yet polishing degrades the paint whilst wrapping preserves it. The potential of wrapping has also already been shown to perfectly serve different purposes:
• Try out a new colour before committing to an expensive paint job you may regret.
• Wrap to protect your paint from UV, in any colour or any finish, keeping your paint new.
• As a medium-term solution to postpone an expensive repaint.
• Change colour each season, generating media buzz with each colour/style change.
• Brand for a bold advertising campaign.

Interior Refinishing
In the past there were limited options available when it came to face-lifting yacht interiors. Owners could either re-varnish or completely replace woodwork and fixtures, but either way it would involve a great deal of downtime, inconvenience, mess and expense.

With modern architectural films, LuxWrap is able restore and refurbish superyacht interiors in a short space of time with none of the conventional mess associated with a ‘normal’ refit, and for a fraction of the cost. Modern architectural films achieve outstanding and long-lasting new quality finishes, ranging through wood, leather, fabric, metal, stone, and abstract. The quality of these finishes is so high that they are generally considered indistinguishable from the thing they are intended to replicate.

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