Just add water

Production of fresh water on board is a necessity. Adam Rogers from HEM discusses the options available to crew and superyachts

HEM, part of the Evac Group since 2018, has built its reputation as Europe’s leading brand for an extensive range of watermakers and fresh water treatment systems for superyachts. the future, they will also have a key role in the installation support and on-board servicing of the Evac Evolution ballast water management systems (BWMS).

In 2019, HEM supplied equipment for seven of the ten largest superyachts launched that year, reflecting their commitment to quality engineering and service. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities at Antibes, France, they are at the heart of the yachting industry where service teams can easily be deployed. This is complemented by the facilities of Echo Marine Service based in the Mediterranean hub of Mallorca.

High quality fresh water generation for greater sustainability
Superyachts have been installed with desalinators for many years, but today fresh water generation takes on a far greater significance in the light of environmental concerns. By producing their own fresh water, superyachts are less reliant on shore supplies, reducing the consumption of bottled water and helping to lower the risk of plastic pollution in our oceans.

“It may be some time before bottled water disappears from the owner’s dinner table, but we are getting an increasing number of enquiries for ways of making desalinated water more palatable and widely accessible to crew members,” said Jaco Conradie, Head of Evac Group superyacht business.

HEM’s range of reverse osmosis desalinators cover all requirements; from smaller yachts to the largest ultra-rugged duplex units output under continuous operation. Once the fresh water has been produced there are numerous options for ensuring that it remains sterile, has a pleasant taste and meets the particular requirements for on-board use. These can include water softeners, chlorine treatment, active charcoal filters to improve the taste, as well as silver and copper sterilization, all contained within a neat skid for easy operation and maintenance. There are also units designed for producing demineralized water, ideal for washing down hulls without streaks or even cleaning helicopter turbines.

Ballast water treatment systems specifically designed for superyachts
During the coming year, HEM will become more deeply involved in the installation of Evac Evolution ballast water management systems (BWMS), as superyachts above a certain size and ballasting capacity comply with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and U.S. Coast Guard regulations. “We now have considerable experience in the design of BWMS for luxury yachts where the level of ‘finish’ is a very important factor. Space limitations in engine rooms can often present challenges, however, by supplying our system in modular form we have always found an effective solution,” said Adam Rogers, Evac’s Head of global sales for Ballast water management systems.

The Evac Evolution system, based on a combination of filtration and UV technology, is compact, energy-efficient and completely chemical-free. The mini-series has been specifically designed for superyachts with capacities from 34m3/h to 135 m3/h. The system determines the precise UV dosage, automatically adjusts to different sea water qualities, but saves on power during normal running. Most importantly, it has attained both IMO and U.S. Coast Guard type approval, enabling yachts to operate without restriction.

“We have already supplied a number of systems for superyachts in Dubai, Italy, New Zealand and the USA which reflects our understanding of the market and its expectations,” Adam Rogers concluded.

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