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By applying modern technology and innovative solutions, Lampuga have developed a range of high performance electrically driven surfboards suitable for all riders

Lampuga GmbH is riding the electric waves and is proud to be part of Germany’s emission-free drive for innovation and quality. The premium electrically powered surfboards from Lampuga are very easy to handle, suitable for every rider and enable everyone to experience the thrill of surfing, regardless of wind and waves. The Lampuga Air is the perfect watertoy for all kind of water sport enthusiasts.

The jetboards are designed and produced in Rastatt, near Baden-Baden, manufactured entirely in the company´s own production facility to ensure they meet the high-quality standards the company have set. A fresh design, exquisite performance and great speed make these boards appealing at first sight, even before you have tried it.

The two board models the company offers are the Lampuga Rescue and the Lampuga Air. The Lampuga Rescue is designed for the simple operation you need when in a coastal rescue situation. The Lampuga Air combines a striking design with easy transportability and a powerful jet drive for the best movement on water. The unique modular design of the Lampuga Air stands behind its great product advantages compared to regular boards: an inflatable PVC-hull and the Power Box, which contains the electric motor, cooling and the powerful lithium-ion battery. The board is easily assembled, has a top speed of 50km/h and weighs 55kg, with the battery accounting for 27kg. Both parts can be transported separately, stored with ease and can be assembled within 5 minutes.

Depending on the driving style, weight, experience level and water conditions, the average battery life is up to 45 minutes, after which the battery needs to be recharged, which takes about two hours. A plug-and play system simplifies the change of the battery and the mechanical closing mechanism guarantees a firm hold even in strong waves. Acceleration is provided by a jet drive that sucks in water, this water is accelerated by an impeller to create a powerful jet that is forced out at the board’s stern, creating a thrust of over 50kg. Having an internal impeller rather than an exposed propeller, makes these boards extra safe and eco-friendly, while also offering a significant performance edge. The hand-held remote controls the board via Bluetooth and is attached to a handle tethered to the board, providing greater stability and control for the rider. More experienced riders can opt to detach the remote control and do without the stability of the handle.

The sport is quickly learnt and requires no previous experience, all that is needed is the desire to do something new. Anyone can try it, from the youngest to oldest water sport enthusiasts. Physical exercise and entertainment do not always go together but riding a jet board is exhilarating as well as fun. The boards are controlled by shifting weight and the acceleration is performed by remote control. The boards have overcharge, short-circuit and overcurrent protection, and for extra safety, there’s also a magnetic kill switch located at the back of every Lampuga board. Connected to the rider’s ankle via a safety cord, it ensures that if the rider falls off and the connection is broken, the motor is turned off immediately.

Not surprisingly, Lampuga’s boards have won awards for their innovative design. The Lampuga Air won an award in the Sport- Recreation category at the annual Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design GOOD DESIGN® Awards, which recognises the most innovative and cutting- edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. After being judged by 40 international design experts on its innovation, functionality, quality and durability, ergonomics, product periphery and ecological compatibility, the Lampuga Air was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in no less than three different categories. In short, the Lampuga boards are super quiet, producing less noise pollution than petrol jet boards, and there’s no oil, petrol, fumes or particles to pollute the land, sea or air when they’re in use.

They offer you all the tranquil possibilities of stand-up paddle boarding and the speed and excitement of a surfboard, all rolled into one. Complemented by their modern design and exceptional performance, the Lampuga boards are a must-have for the coming season. In 2022 Lampuga GmbH guarantees prompt delivery times. Are you ready to try? Just Ride.

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