Land Lubbers

Whether it’s four, three, two or even one wheel, we’ve got the thrill seekers covered with our selection of adrenaline filled land toys

When you are thinking about stocking up the toy cupboard on board, don’t forget about the fun your guests and owners could have on dry land. There are plenty of adrenalin filled vehicles for those of all ages to enjoy when anchored near the coast whether you’re looking for some transport into the nearest village or a speed fest on a deserted beach.

One of the most common speed machines on board is the faithful motorbike. Whether it’s the boss’s favourite Harley or a pair of dirt bikes, there’s no shortage of choice. Our current pick is the three wheeled Can-Am Spyder. With 115hp and 130Nmoftorque, this muscley beast is tremendous fun. With an intuitive twist-and-go transmission with no gear shifting it’s easy to use while you’re zipping around those romantic coastal roads. But if you’re looking to be a little more ‘eco-friendly’, there is a massive range of cool looking electric bikes available. Our current dream machine is the Klak Or from Cake. Looks like a throw back to the hairy days of speed way, if you’re old enough to remember that, but great for zipping around town or taking on an adventure on the back country.

If you’re looking for a little more ‘off-road’ fun, then head over to the wide selection of ATVs and beach buggies. There’s a wide range to choose dependent on experience and terrain, but the team here have their eyes on the Sand Sniper dune buggy from BMS.

For the youngsters (and adults), the electric scooter market is hot property right now. Easy to store, easy to use and reasonably (mostly) priced, this is the perfect addition to any on board toy cupboard.

Of course, with the ever increasing global participation in cycling, what charter guest wouldn’t love the idea of peddling along the coastal areas of the stunning Mediterranean? And even if the kids are moaning, just chuck an electric bicycle at them and that should keep them quiet.

Last but not least, for the real adrenaline junkies out there, we’ve got ‘Land Sailing’. It basically consists of a three wheeled go kart frame with a sail strapped on and all you need is a decent amount of beach and a little wind.POLARIS
The original off-road vehicles, tough, fun and a range to suit all.

An all terrain, off road e-skateboard. Independent suspension multi-link steering, 4×4 drive and a carbon fibre deck.

The engineers at Audi have combined the fun of scooters and skateboards into the e-tron electric scooter. Due for production late 2020.

Recognised as leaders in land sailing development,
Seagull offer a wide range of stowable vehicles for
novices to the fearless and brave.











With a wide range of road worthy two and four seat buggies these beasts are full of fun. Serious power and serious fun rolled into one.

The German company offers a selection of fixed frame scooters and foldable e-scooters. Stable, durable and surprisingly good value.

Tough, stable and portable, this e-scooter has a range of 25km and a hairy top speed of 30km/h. The three way braking system this a safe choice.

For the more sedate and traditional form of exercise there is no better steed than the world famous Bianchi bikes.