Andy Williams looks at the benefits and the quick turnaround time when you apply ceramic coatings if you have restricted time lines and budgets

When the boat show season is upon us, we find ourselves being called on by Captains, Management companies and Owners to restore the gloss of old tired paintwork and seal it with one of our ceramic and non-ceramic coatings. As we know most of the vessels attending the boat shows are for sale and do not have the time or the budget for a repaint but want the boat looking glossy and fresh for potential buyers.

The services that we offer to maintain a superior aesthetic appearance are a third of the cost and a fraction of the time to paint the vessel therefore we have a very real solution for the owners to get the vessel through the sale looking its best. We do not require the vessel to be out of the water and therefore can under take the works in a marina or whilst the vessel is berthed in a shipyard.

As the Caribbean season draws to an end and the Med season begins both private and charter vessels working dual seasons do not generally have the time for paint works. Captains, Management Companies and Owners are looking to reduce the time spent on keeping the paintwork looking glossy and maintaining the exterior surfaces thus reducing crew labour for these tasks. Our coatings once applied form a gas barrier, so soot and contamination can not penetrate the surface, it makes the exhaust areas very easy to clean, exhaust fumes and soot simply wash away. Crew do not need to use aggressive high alkaline degreasers.“The ceramic coatings came in at a third of the cost of repainting and a fraction of the time, thus freeing up the budget for other works on the vessel. No small print, no broken promises, quality application and management”.
Captain, 60m

“The CeraShield ceramic coating system has extended the life of our original paintwork now into the 9th year and key in keeping up the gloss finish. CeraShield have provided a great service and are always quick to organise the logistics required to undertake the works anywhere throughout the world”.
Captain, 85mCASE STUDY

Gloss is measured at a 60-degree angle. From 0-100 GU (Gloss Units). New paint is generally passed at 90 GU. As you can see from our case study, we are able to achieve extremely high gloss readings that were initially very low.
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