Local spot stabilization onboard

Rune Eriksen looks at stabilising local spots onboard such as beds, billiard tables and wine cabinets

Movements onboard ships caused by the sea surely have its charm for some, but for the human body or for delicate instruments and processes, it may directly or indirectly be a challenge. Seasickness, fatigue and fatigue related symptoms may be a result and movements may also create limitations to owner activities, even affecting important detailed work processes onboard.

These movements onboard can be neutralised. STABLE’s proven technology will remove the ship’s roll and pitch actions affecting personnel, equipment or processes negatively. STABLE have supplied computerised electrical stabilised platforms since 2002. A large number of cruise vessels sail with STABLE billiard tables and numerous superyachts have billiard tables and beds stabilised for superior comfort.

Compensate for extreme roll and pitch
If you want to play billiards or pool onboard your yacht, what can you do? With technology and know-how from offshore active heave compensation loading systems, including the harsh North Sea environment and failsafe technology added to the DNA, STABLE developed the stabilised platform. Allowing one of the most demanding applications in terms of responsiveness and accuracy – playing billiards! However, the product range is now utilised in many other areas of the yacht from beds, drone platforms, working tables and radar platforms. The solution neutralises extreme roll and pitch angles.

Green footprint – energy and cost optimised
Stabilising a complete yacht with a displacement of several hundreds of tons requires a lot of energy. With the continuous and appropriate focus for a green footprint, the dedicated spot stabilisation platform will neutralise both roll and pitch with only a few hundred watts of power. Thereby a cost-effective and green solution providing extreme stabilisation accuracy. The technology is easy to install on-site and of course there is no need for hull modifications.

Medical treatment onboard
Does the need for emergency medical treatment always happen at calm sea? The technology may also be used for health and safety aspects. Medical equipment like dialysis machines or CT and MR enterography machines have operation restriction if tilted more than a few degrees. If installed on a stabilised platform, usage independent of the weather conditions will be secured, safeguarding health and safety for owner and crew without having to seek safe havens.

Ultimate comfort starts with a stabilised bed
Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. A stabilised embedded platform inside your bed will let you sleep unaffected through the rolling waves. The technology will give an acceleration free environment, not only a horizontal sleeping area – there is a fundamental and essential difference. The platforms will be customised to match your preferences to size and final design. Integration with suppliers of bespoke luxury beds and handmade mattresses is all possible. The collaboration with Savoir Beds shows incorporation of the platform to their Savoir Stella bed, designed by NY designer Nicole Fuller.

Made in Norway
The STABLE platforms have been engineered and manufactured in Norway since 2002. The platforms may run 24/7 and are safe and easy to use. They can be used outside or inside – they are all custom made to fit the specific needs and requirements of the end user. Our global customers appreciate our long experience, extreme product quality and stabilisation accuracy.

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