Celsus UK explore why high quality audio products are vital when upgrading your tender

The exhilarating experience of being at the helm with the sun at your back and the sea breeze sweeping across your path is why we all adore boating. This experience is amplified when you share it with friends and family, then taken to the next level when it is accompanied by your favourite music. Memories are created and stories shared. We all have those specific tracks that

remind us of times gone by, when you hear them they transport you back in time and a smile instantly crosses your face. You know these songs inside and out, how they should sound, when the beat hits or the singer hits that note.

The engineering quality of entertainment systems and the environment in which it is installed have a huge effect on the reproduction of this music. The luxury audio systems in the home audio sector, once installed and set-up, benefit from a static and consistent environment. Your home audio specialist can tailor the system to the size and shape of the room and your general seating position, you’re then free to enjoy it. Recent rise in music sales through streaming demonstrates an increased hunger for listening driven by easy access to vast libraries of music held on your smartphone.

Specialist high-end marine audio systems such as the premium JL Audio and Kicker different when your desire is to reproduce the music on a tender cruising the med at 20 knots. Their robust marine engineered construction means that JL Audio & Kicker marine audio products are able to cope in the most exposed environments and no amount of splash or sunlight will affect their performance. Over-engineered and made to exceed industry standards for testing ensures you have a premium audio system that matches the quality and longevity of your tender.

Boat owners and crew on all size craft have become more demanding when it comes to entertainment on board. As technology develops at a quick pace consumer expectations rise in parallel. Integration to NMEA-2000 is now an expectation with speakers and subwoofers that can reproduce the music as the artist intended it to sound, at volume for the length of any journey. Breath-taking design found in the JL Audio Media Master series of source units matches the aesthetics of the typical helm station found on many superyacht tenders. Inferior audio products become fatiguing at volume as they struggle to replicate the frequency range – you will find the products offered by Celsus UK are at the pinnacle of performance and longevity whilst delivering amazing value.

As we touched on earlier the installation and system design are in many cases as important as the quality of the sound system hardware itself. Bespoke system design consultation is a value add offered by our trained distribution and installer networks to all boat builders and clients with the aim of promoting dependable great sounding audio on any size and style of boat.

Tenders offer a unique benefit of having a mostly open plan environment and varied spaces where speakers, amplifier and subwoofers can be installed in order to maximise the performance of the overall system. With the right system design and expert installation a ‘bubble’ of audio can be created encompassing the whole boat keeping everyone on board entertained. With JL Audio and Kicker Audio components there is no need to hide them away from the elements which may sacrifice audio quality, the system is built to give the listener the best possible experience.

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