Managing Well


Enjoy your office from the comfort of your yacht with virtual office software packages from YManage. The suite of products provide comprehensive virtual office software that allows you and your yacht staff to complete all the necessary tasks that come with running a successful business. From word processing, staff emails, spreadsheets and accounts, look no further than YManage for your office software needs.Working with others in a virtual setting has its complexities. Having staff requires coordinated scheduling, constant contact with managers, central access to important files, and often group emails. There are programs available on the market that are not related to yacht businesses, however, those often require extensive IT knowledge. With YManage Virtual Office, you don’t need an extra IT network to run your business. Available both offline and online, the YManage virtual office system is amazingly quick and simple to use.

Offering features that promote coordination of information between members of your business, the virtual office software is just what you need to stay connected with your business team, whether they are on board or on land. YManage virtual office software was created to solve the issues that come from having a broad geographical business team. Yachts are mobile, and with that a mobile crew and onshore team could be working from various platforms – their homes, land-based offices, and even on board the ship. The challenge that yacht owners are confronted with are disorganised files, spread out software files and confused workers. Even for the skilled IT Director, managing each facet of a widespread team can be a headache. However, this is where YManage software comes in.

In addition, this software works seamlessly whether your business is connected to the web or offline. Simply connect when you can, and your offline contributions to shared documents will be visible to all your team, making it easier for your staff to stay focused and for your business to grow. Additionally, this allows others to collaborate with your business if and when permission is given. The YManage virtual office solution offers a workspace for all. You can include freelancers, vendors, employees, or telecommute staff all from one platform. By simply logging in to this virtual space, users will be instantly connected to all the important parts of your business. There is no need for an IT crew to set this up for you, as YManage’s software does it all from setup to the typical workday. The module can also be integrated into many other accounting or management software products.

The virtual office software is just one module amongst a whole host of offerings under the YManage suite of products. Others include, but not limited to; Crew Management, Accounting, Safety and Security, Technical Management, Operational Management and much more.

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