VSAT – still the most reliable form of onboard connectivity. Grace Wilsher looks at the need for professionals with real life experience to advise you on superyacht VSAT options

VSAT has long been the most stable and reliable form of connectivity onboard superyachts for almost 20 years. It is what crew, owners and guests can always reply upon when other forms of connectivity are not an option. Whether it be to watch the Superbowl or for that important business video call, there is still nothing more solid than VSAT to ensure that all happens smoothly.

Choosing the right VSAT provider for your yacht is of the upmost importance. Every yacht is an individual with unique needs, especially when it comes to their connectivity.

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, a philosophy strongly instilled within MIMO Connect.

MIMO Connect’s team come from a long line of connectivity specialists, ETOs and client service professionals who are well versed with the fast paced and demanding environment of onboard connectivity. With their energy solely focused on understanding the individual requirements for each yacht, providing flexible contracts with an unrivalled support team, backed by decades of experience, you will always get advice that you can not only rely on but most importantly, trust.

As we all know there are exciting things on the horizon when it comes to onboard connectivity, such as the impending arrival of LEO (low earth orbit satellites). The reduced latency that will accompany LEO will not only give users enhanced speeds but also the flexibility to choose a network best suited to the yacht’s location. Having the option of being able to switch between Ku, Ka and even C-Band (network switching is dependent on the yacht’s hardware), will all but eradicate concerns over coverage and capacity, a real game changer for yachts all over the world.

MIMO Connect pride themselves on being able to advise on the best ways to future- proof your systems so you can not only make the most out of what is available to you right now, but also for what is to come in just a few short years.

Technical support sits at the heart of MIMO Connect’s operation. Understanding the pressures and importance of rectifying issues on the first call, their hand-picked Yacht Specialist engineers based within the 24/7 MIMO Connect UK NOC will strive to do exactly that. The expertise and experience within the MIMO Connect NOC means that the team are equipped to deal with every eventuality that superyacht connectivity can throw at them.

If your issue ever requires an onsite visit, MIMO Connect’s global team of field technicians can be deployed at a moment’s notice to get you back online.

MIMO Connect offer a highly personalised, boutique approach to their clients’ needs whilst being backed by an unrivalled, independently owned, global infrastructure; providing their customers with the very best of both worlds.

MIMO Connect have you seamlessly covered and connected, anywhere, every time.

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