Maritime VSAT satellite

OmniAccess are global leaders in high-speed maritime VSAT satellite, 4G mobile data and PortMax (WiFi) connectivity. They provide fast, flexible and cost effective, global nextGen Broadbeam VSAT coverage with speeds of up to 450Mbps to over 400 superyachts, cruise ships and research vessels. 

Plexus UNITY is the new “all-in-one” onboard communications solution

The vessels onboard experience is enhanced with additional services such as Plexus UNITY all-in-one communication device allowing you to monitor and manage all onboard communications, whilst providing an additional 20% efficiency performance on your existing VSAT bandwidth plan! Plexus TV allows your watch TV anywhere in the world over a compressed IPTV signal, this service reduces 4K, 2K, and HD VSAT bandwidth usage by up to 5 times without any noticeable loss in quality. The Customer Support Portal (CSP) lets you monitor all your day-to-day VSAT communications and consumption, whilst nextGen iO integrating your existing VSAT service with 4G mobile data & PortMax (WiFi), giving you the best Internet service based on location, application and available connectivity.

With Plexus Unity we keep it simple

You can now manage all of your on-board communications, whether that be VSAT satellite communications, 4G/5G mobile connectivity or localised WiFi (Portmax) connectivity, all through a single “all-in-one” device. UNITY features an intuitive touchscreen and is powered by the industry ́s most advanced bandwidth management and VSAT monitoring tool – the integrated Plexus Controller.

Unity improved performance and higher throughput

UNITY includes two next generation modems that will handle the most demanding of VSAT throughput as well as providing backup redundancy in the rare case of modem failure. Unity gives you a range of new features such as better performance across VSAT footprint edges, an improved weather resilience VSAT link, intelligent network selection, and the end-to-end data encryption that ensures best-in-class cybersecurity. Unity is fully integrated with our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) with back door access in order provide the best possible support.

Get more bandwidth and evolve with the technology

Take advantage of the efficiency of Plexus Unity and receive an extra 20% bandwidth on all OmniAccess standard nextGen data plans. This applies to both CIR and MIR upstream and downstream, in addition to any existing loyalty scheme discounts you might already have. The subscription model allows each Unity device to receive the latest software enhancements as they become available. With Unity your vessel is now future-proofed for advancements such as LEO, 5G and cybersecurity, allowing you and your onboard communications to effortlessly stay up to date.

Watch your favourite IPTV channels for less bandwidth usage

Watch your favorite IPTV channels onboard your vessel thanks to the integrated Plexus TV and VOD technologies.

You can transform Plexus UNITY into a Plexus TV set-top box; a SD-WAN router with extra bonding capabilities or an advanced monitoring tool-set by simply activating the corresponding license, all without the need for any additional hardware. Enjoy the improved experience and better session management in video streaming. Our Plexus TV subscription uses up to 5 times less bandwidth than other IPTV solutions

Protect your onboard communications from cyber-attacks

Plexus Unity brings a range of cyber security features, such as end-to-end data encryption. Our SOC (Security Operations Centre) has remote access to your network for problem solving and prevention. You will find a range of Cybersecurity subscription models depending on your vessles security requirement.

If you would like to find out more about any of our product offerings please either visit our website:, send us an email to: [email protected] or give us a call, USA: +1 954 210 8457 or HQ in Spain: +34 971 22 19 79