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These days the technical standard and quality as well as comfort on board a yacht has reached incredible standards. So becoming an owner of a modern luxury vessel means you are spoilt for choice in your pursuit of perfection.

A lot of questions arise: what kind of design is preferred, how much space is needed for the owner and crew, which equipment is required, what performance is desired and whatcosts will be incurred? One further point to consider could be the method of construction. Specific features in material and construction methods are able to influence the long-term enjoyment of one´s yacht significantly.

As a central theme of their company philosophy Krake Composite passionately pursues the topic of light-weight construction. Specialising in high-tech composites they advise companies, single customers, suppliers and distributors in the sector of composite production as well as product development for different fields of application.

A strong network of engineers, architects and industrial designers, has grown over the years, and assists in the planning and realisation of each project, from the first idea to serial or single production.

For Andreas Krake (CEO of Krake Composite) the most important advantages of fibre reinforced composites are obvious:

  • Manufacturing of complex, highly loadable geometric structures
  • Notable reduction of weight – compared with steel construction: weight saving of min.30% (GFRP), further saving by using carbon fibres
  • Improvement in performance
  • Individual design
  • Integrated functionality, e.g. laminated solar cells
  • Reduced TCO on higher functional integration

In addition, with light weight construction the owner can save costs in energy consumption and maintenance.

With many years of experience in the production of individual vessels and prototypes with complex geometry and unwindable surfaces, Krake Composite offers a wide range from simple moulded pulp, to completely installed and painted parts containing many components.

Their range of services includes:

  • Processing of high-tech fibres, e.g. glass, carbon, basalt, special fibres, aramid, natural fibres
  • Special composite solutions
  • Electrically conductive parts from specific fibres
  • Solutions for consistent temperature, thermal expansion coefficient = 0
  • Allocation of sensors in composites, active or passive
  • Processing of all customary resins, also incombustible ones
  • Allocation of all customary core materials: foam, wood, metal, honeycomb
  • All materials in combination, if necessary in the same workpiece
  • Project support by engineers
  • Authorisation of materials, workpieces or assembly, e.g. by Germanischen Lloyd

The centre of attention for concepts at Krake Composite is the TCO – Total Cost of Ownership.

Developing the best solution includes; design development, tooling, constructon, integration, assembly and lifecycle costs.

Krake Composite has a dedicated and dynamic team of more than 20 employees at two locations in the heart of Germany and continuously strives to excel expectations.

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