Outboard Engine – Superyacht Tenders


The outboard market has seen a massive surge over the past 12 months. Chris Clifford takes a look at some of the advancements in the gasoline, diesel and electric segments.

he past 12 months have certainly made us focus on the little things in life, like enjoying ourselves. Getting back to nature and out
on the water, remember that?

As expected the USA has seen the greatest growth along with recreational boating, much the same as the previous year. Sales of outboards globally however, have soared, whether you’re boating on a lake in central Europe or on the eastern seaboard in the USA, it is a very attractive and a welcome relief from confinement.

The diesel out board manufacturers are full steam ahead with R and D, and are producing some amazing machines giving more power with less weight. Hefty investments and support from the military sectors are still driving this sector, but within our industry, the need of not having to carry gasoline onboard certainly produces some safety benefits for the mothership and I am sure we will see diesel outboards on the back of some more sexy superyacht tenders over the coming months.

In general terms an outboard engine offers the crew on board a far easier task in terms of maintenance, they are highly accessible and if there is any major issue, just remove and replace – simple. Even with these gasoline engine, RnD is still a top priority and today’s engines are cleaner, lighter and still able to offer plenty of torque.

The electric outboards are coming on strong too, the Norwegian company EVOY leads the way and offers a very pleasing 150hp model with the promise of a 300hp and even a 450hp model just around the corner.

Mercury Marine

With the strength of a V12 powerhead, the 600hp Verado outboard delivers extraordinary range and performance. Handling and control are made possible by the outboard segment’s first steerable gearcase and an industry first two-speed transmission.

Honda Marine

Redesigned inside and out, with added features, updates and improvements that make these acclaimed V6 outboards better than ever. With easier maintenance and tougher corrosion resistance.

The Neander Dtorque turbo diesel outboard twin cylinder aluminum powerhead delivers 50hp at the propeller shaft with IMO Tier 2 certification.

Yamaha Outboards

YAMAHA – 150HP Inline 4
Powerful, light and compact, it’s now mechanical or digital compatible, making it available to more boaters than before. Weighing in at 216kg it comes with a 20” or 25” shaft.

EVOY – 150HP
No emissions, odours or sound. High capacity DC fast charging and typically 100-200 nm in slow speeds, and weighing in at only 150kg.