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VesselWatch software expands the capabilities of on board communications, enhancing your services and strengthening your yacht’s security

Life onboard a luxury yacht allows the crew to travel the world, experiencing a side of life few get to see. Meeting the exacting demands of some of the most powerful individuals in the world requires teamwork. Experts around the world agree that the basis for any great team begins with great communication and one company based in the UK is taking this to the next level. Net-Logic Marine are a passionate team of radio specialists and software developers supercharging onboard communications. Their DAME nominated VesselWatch software aims to increase reaction times of the crew to improve both safety and service. Their communication method of choice; the humble two-way radio.

Digital two-way radio (DMR) technology allows discrete text messages to be sent to crew members. Guests and owners are unaffected as the crew tend to any issues.

Engine and bridge alarms sent to the engineering team to take action and crew call messages sent to the interior team to ensure owner and guests have swift, friendly and professional service. The science of how VesselWatch works, however interesting, is not the key driver for the developers. “We are focused on the human aspects,” said Mat Johnston, Head of Research and Development. “The owners and crew don’t care that we link to Creston, MING and CST or that we are one of only 14 companies in the UK to link to OPC based Engine alarms, they care that the owner gets fantastic service without the interruption of an alarm caused by a faulty bilge pump.”

This humanistic approach is the key to their success. Improving the security onboard is critical to protect the owners, family, guests and crew. VesselWatch expands with the needs of the owners and crew. The radios GPS function allows an imaginary protective area to be created. This geofence is designed to protect the owner, family and guests.

This level of protection has had a recent upgrade by linking the radio system into anti-drone technology to warn the crew that a threat is approaching. The availability and increased accessibility of Drones has created opportunities for unwanted invasion of privacy by the paparazzi or worse by allowing an explosive device to be landed onboard. Mat Johnston stated “VesselWatch is now able to notify the crew to mobilise the anti-drone systems to protect the vessel, giving further peace of mind to all onboard.”

Net-Logic are proud of their growing partner programme and the VesselWatch solution is regularly appearing on many new-build RFQs. CEO Matt Wright stated, “We are delighted at the reaction our software is getting. We are working hard to continually improve the solution and customers feedback is essential. We are doing some fantastic things with intelligent interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa which is adding to the onboard experience and capturing the imagination of several high-profile owners.”

By focusing on the needs of the individual Net-Logic believes the VesselWatch solution can make a real difference. The advancements of the DMR radios form a bedrock for the team to continue to deliver world class solutions to the luxury marine market for years to come.

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