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Mooring lines are one of the first items that owners or guests see when arriving at a yacht. Well-kept lines show that the crew takes care of the yacht and are serious about their job.

It is hard to estimate a mooring line’s lifespan due to many different factors. However, the main reason for changing to new mooring lines are because of chafe abrasion. If the proper attention is not given, a line could break and damage the yacht.More and more superyachts are using chafe protection to extend the life of their ropes. In addition to extending the life of their cordage, they are also saving lots of money by not having to replace their lines as frequently. Proper chafe gear will keep the mooring lines in good esthetical appearance while at the same time protecting one’s investment and enhancing the overall look of the yacht when moored.

Abrasion of ropes can occur in several ways. One such method is caused by abrasion on rough edges or surfaces such as a bollard or concrete dock. Very little movement of the rope is needed in order to damage the rope dramatically.

Another way of damaging ropes is a combination of heat and movement. At the fairleads of the yachts the mooring lines generally take a sharp angle. Although the Stainless Steel fairleads are polished and rounded, when the lines are loaded up and under tension, the internal temperature rises causing the rope to become damaged that could lead to accidents.

Chafe-Pro line protection is specifically produced to protect rope from many types of abrasion and comes in various models. All models are made of a nylon and cordura mixture with a proprietary weaving construction. This ensures maximum chafe protection compared to standard cloth materials.Chafe-Pro products can be mounted afterwards using the open Velcro models. These are great to protect the ropes at bollards or fairleads. The SL tubular sleeve series can be used in the eysplices during the splicing procedure.

To replace damaged leather in the eyesplices there is a specific HB-Eye model available which is very flexible and can be opened/closed with Velcro. Protecting ropes is one thing, while protecting the yacht’s finish is another.

For protection of the yacht’s finish paint/gelcoat or teak, Chafe-Pro offers softer line covers. These sheep-skin covers gentle on the finish and are often used for fenderlines or stern lines. Chafe-Pro uses a proprietary tanning and dye process for the black sheep skins which locks the color in so that it will not bleed.

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