Playing Around

The selection of water toys available on board is often one of the major discussion points when narrowing down yachts for brokers or managers when looking at available charters

As the world shifts towards a more health-focussed understanding of fun, we have noticed that there has been an increase in challenge-hungry adult charterers, eager to master the latest inventions and share their experiences with instagram followers capturing that best action picture in a luxurious location.

The rise in social media use has undoubtedly played a part in the popularity of certain water toys and the growth of companies such as Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) who specialise in the outfitting of the latest and greatest, with Instagram and Facebook serving as the perfect visual outlets for creating targeted campaigns. A perfect example is the adrenaline-fuelled Flyboard, which propels the user up to 15m in the air and has amassed 246,889 #flyboard posts on Instagram. Everyone wants to see it and by association this can only be good for all companies involved.

A desire to document the charter experience has been welcomed and accommodated for by many owners who have begun investing heavily in professional video equipment on board, including drones and GoPros, often having imagery available on a large screen on board afterwards. Many tenders are now well set up to record the action such as on a Ski Nautique which can film the best moments when wakeboarding or surfing, with intelligent systems that only record when the boat is at speed and the rider on the wave.

Items such as the inflatable waterpark are increasingly popular with charterers offering the opportunity to create a bespoke outdoor workout incorporating climbing walls, trampolines, and paddle board yoga. Careful selling is required to ensure that the waterpark is within the means of the deckhands though! Many owners want more and more and it is simply not possible for crew to get them all out in time. Some of the recent advances by companies such as FunAir with their RapidFlate valves have aided quick setup times.

Taking up limited space on board, and working for 30m or 100m+ yachts, inflatable toys are a fantastic and growing way for owners to add value to the guest experience and increase a yachts’ popularity in a saturated charter market. Endorsed by Bear Grylls, the inflatable TIWAL sailboat assembles in less than 20 minutes and offers charterers the chance to try their hand at developing a new passion for sailing and having a fun workout at the same time. The MiniCat is also a popular inflatable sailing boat where kids and adults alike can get an exhilarating experience. The inflatable Schiller Bike has also risen to fame amongst the growing community of avid cyclists worldwide and is a regular seller at SYTT.

Without doubt a good selection of toys on board can be complemented a crew that are able to help the charterer get the most out of the novel experience. Fitting the right toys to the charter guests skills is important, and thus yachts often have qualified instructors on board. SYTT always offer tuition on toys supplied to ensure crew are best placed to assist clients.

A charter experience should be designed to provide a haven whereby guests are able to fully de-compress and relax with family and friends, in whichever way they reasonably see fit. In most circumstances, the water toys on board will positively influence which yacht a client chooses to charter, specifically where children are involved or where there are thrill seeking adults.

Let’s ensure that yachts have the best recommended toys and ensure everyone has positive experiences. Also let’s not forget that he who has the most toys wins! Or more importantly gets the most charters…..

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