prebit THOA lights

A beacon of luxury

THOA: Elegance meets innovation in maritime lighting. Premium lighting design and manufacturing delivers style, quality and a new era of illumination

In the realm of maritime luxury, where precise craftsmanship meets avant-garde design, the latest creation from prebit® has made a genuine mark. The portable table lamp THOA brings together cool elegance with warming comfort, creating a seamless interplay between perfected design and an
unparalleled user experience.

THOA‘s aesthetics draw inspiration from the majestic natural world. Its name derives from the Norse God Thor, who in ancient times was associated with the elements of ice and fire. The interaction of these natural phenomena is reflected in the lamp: its design reminiscent of shimmering ice, while the light emulates the comforting warmth of a gentle fire.

Borne from decades of experience by the innovative German company prebit® in manufacturing custom lights for superyachts, THOA presents itself as an attractive and practical accessory for sophisticated yacht fittings. With precision craftsmanship It brings a touch of luxury into the intimate atmosphere of any yacht and promises cozy hours on board, regardless of the respective location or external conditions.

prebit THOA lightsOne of the standout features of the THOA lamp is its sophisticated dim2warm® light technology. This innovative technology enables a fascinating play of light that recalls a spotlighted diamond. During the dimming process, not only the brightness of the light changes, but also the colour temperature. The further you dim the lamp, the warmer and more inviting the light becomes, up to a cozy candlelight atmosphere. And the wonderful thing is: there is no glare, even at full brightness.

Designed for continuous operation, THOA provides many hours of illuminating comfort and style. But even a luxury lamp needs its rest times. Therefore, THOA should be taken to its charging station before going to bed. It recharges overnight by induction, without the need for annoying cables and plugs. This way, it is always ready for its next deployment to enrich the ambiance.

The high quality processing is another standout feature of THOA. In line with the ‘Made in Germany’ predicate, THOA underscores its premium character through the careful selection of top-class materials and the use of traditional manufacturing techniques. Every detail of THOA – from the shaping to the choice of material, is an expression of prebit®‘s relentless pursuit to combine outstanding quality with appealing design.

Finally, THOA is more than just a lamp. It‘s a style statement and a testament to masterful craftsmanship that elevates the aura of any room in which it is placed to a new level. It reflects the lifestyle of those who appreciate the extraordinary and recognise the subtle nuances of luxury and timeless design.

With its unique combination of elegance, functionality, and luxurious execution, the portable table lamp THOA sets new standards in the world of maritime lighting.

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prebit THOA lights