PWR-FOIL an innovative e-foil

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PWR-FOIL is a market leading e-foil developed by Chris Defrance at the renowned and innovative French company also behind Redwoodpaddle

Recognised worldwide for the quality and diversity of its paddles, Redwood decided to enter the world of efoils and it is a success. With its experience in the nautical sector, Redwood Paddle offers a whole range of efoils under the PWR Foil brand.

PWR Foil do not just offer a simple efoil, but several versions with different sizes. The different board sizes make it possible to respond in a specific and personal way to the needs and expectations of each individual. So depending on the size of your board, you can make a board that is more or less responsive and playful in relation to your level. Beginners will be able to start with a long board and to progress in a fun and safe way because the board will more easily tolerate your mistakes.

And since with PWR everything is interchangeable, the board, the mast, the wing, you can replace the different parts of your board according to your progress or your needs without breaking the bank because the brand offers really affordable prices compared to other efoils on the market. PWR Foil also offers the possibility of integrating a non-motorised mast to transform your board into a wake foil or a surf foil.

The board is made from EPS HD bread, with PVC construction and Paulownia double sandwich, which makes it very strong and light.

PWR Foil is the only brand of electric foil to offer a circuit breaker attached to a leash that stops the turbine when you fall. A very well thought out option for a safe ride. And the propeller is protected for optimum safety. Entirely designed in France, assembly in France, after-sales service in France with the workshop in France! The quality is undeniable and even the battery which is the heart of your efoil is also made in France.

The PWR Foil PRO model offers a top speed of up to 38 km / h with a range of 1h-1h30 depending on your weight. The Bluetooth remote control offers 3 speed modes that you can adjust according to your level.

The electric foil is separated from the board, which will allow the board to be adapted according to its weight, but also the possibility of changing boards according to the evolution of one’s own practice. A beginner will easily start with a larger more rigid board, for example, but will be able to move on to a small rigid board overtime for more manoeuvrability.

Extremely proud of the ingenuity behind the board’s design and technology, there are a few noteworthy facts to fully understand.

Essential for your safety, they have worked for a long time on a 100% efficient system. This leash-circuit breaker is the main element of your safety. A 1m leash is attached on one side to your ankle (front foot) or waist, connected on the other side to a 25kg magnet. This magnet, when you connect it to the board, turns on the electrical circuit. During a fall, its small length will cause it to disconnect, thus opening the electrical circuit (switch). It instantly cuts off the entire electrical circuit and thus the rotation of the propeller, making it impossible to injure yourself with the propeller.

PWR-FOIL an innovative e-foil

The electric foil is separated from the board, which will allow the board to be adapted according to its weight, but also the possibility of changing boards according to the evolution of the rider.

The French made lithium-ion cells are selected from the best suppliers to ensure a top-ofthe- range quality. It is on the PWR site that the cells are assembled and cast in a resin box, ensuring a first level of watertightness.

Overall, the electric hydrofoils are quickly becoming a very popular way to enjoy aquatic activities. In the end though, it’s more about how unique this technology is and how it is revolutionising an entire industry. If you’re thinking about getting into the sport, do some research and dive in. Soon, you’ll be enjoying some of the most fun a person can have in the water.

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