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Torsten Steinbrecher introduces the ground-breaking Leon Speakers, combining high design and advanced technology to create the ultimate onboard office space

The technology upgrade wave sweeping the corporate world has connected millions across the globe working remotely. Innovations in technology, including the proliferation of high-speed AVOIP, enhancements in video quality and collaboration tools, are advancing rapidly.

As these innovations reach corporate spaces around the world, executives and entrepreneurs spending long periods of time on yachts can take advantage of these tools. Today, yachting designers create spaces that capitalise on the opportunity to incorporate great design, and advanced technology.

Bringing these technologies onto a yacht enables the owner to enjoy the technical standards found in their own office anywhere they sail. Unfortunately, without the correct approach, many of these on board solutions completely overlook the aesthetics, allowing distinguished office areas in beautiful yachts to be visually marred with cables and haphazardly placed conferencing equipment.

Leon CEO Noah Kaplan and his team encourage the tech community to embrace better design. “Effective solutions to conceal or augment technology into beautiful spaces have not existed in the past, and as a result, designers have failed to fully understand that these options even exist today,” said Kaplan. “But we repeatedly hear from our corporate end-users how much difference our solutions make in creating office environments that feel pleasant to be in and energise both employees and executives.”

Leon products such as the Horizon Interactive Series enable designers to embed audio and video technology into seamless, beautiful housing, so the devices, and unsightly cabling connecting them, can’t adversely affect the aesthetic of the on board workspace.

These devices vastly improve the intelligibility of off-the-shelf video conferencing equipment, making the overall meeting experience significantly more intuitive and pleasant for participants.

©Photo – Francisco Martinez

Similarly, Leon’s ToneCase FIT Universal mounting system allows any video conferencing soundbar to mount directly to any display for a cohesive, streamlined look. The TcFIT-U system also includes a custom grille built to match the exact width of the display. The result is a cleaner, more curated look for the entire space.

Rob Waissi, Senior Industrial Designer at Leon, recounts that “Our large corporate end-users tell us how pivotal this technology is in a hybrid-work world, but that they do not need to SEE it! The Horizon Interactive series and TcFIT-U are simple, elegant solutions that make all the difference in a private office space.”

Similarly, Leon’s Edge Media Frame enhances any display with an easy-to-install contemporary hardwood frame that elegantly conceals all the mounting, wiring, and VC components in one enclosure, providing a fully built-in look that complements any room.

“I believe, when it comes to technology integration and concealment, that many people assume they will have to compromise either design or functionality,” said Kaplan.

“But the Edge is a turnkey solution that proves exactly the opposite. It’s easy to install, it instantly covers the unsightly plastic frame around any display.”

Leon products make it possible for the designer to embrace the tech without having to compromise on the spaces they design. And as Leon has a strong legacy business in residential products, they are uniquely qualified to see both sides of this design opportunity.

Discover how Leon Speakers can enhance your onboard work environment.

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