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The PRIME EIGHT21 is extraordinary amongst luxury RIBs – a Ribeye for those that appreciate how the smallest things can make the biggest difference. It is an 8m RIB like no other. With a suite of intuitive technologies at your fingertips the features this platform can offer and encompass the suite of features traditionally seen on hard boats but cleverly designed into this beautiful RIB allo wing for the luxury of true spontaneity. With huge living spaces and seating in both bow and aft areas,

this Ribeye will accommodate multiple guests in motion but also in sunbathing, relaxing and dining. With options for a sea toilet coupled with extensive storage compartments, the possibilities and adventures this platform offers are limitless. The PRIME821 was designed for those who refuse to let a single experience pass them by.
For more details Tel: +44 1803 832060
or visit www.ribeye.co.uk

Super-yachts and Mega-yachts continue to grow dramatically in size and functional capability, and their yacht tenders and support craft now fill a more crucial, complex, and demanding role in ship-board operations and long-distance voyaging. The ultimate in modern ‘new technology’ yacht tenders, RAFNAR’s ‘Leiftur 1100 Cabin RIB’, or the ‘Leiftur 1100 Open Support-Tender’, both offer the long sought-after stability, speed, safety, and sea-keeping required within the demands of global

cruising and exploration, providing remarkable comfort-at-sea for owners and guests, and a solid working platform for crew operating under duress in often challenging situations. The unique and patented ÖK Hull from Iceland provides a displacement-type motion and passage through the water at high speed above 40 knots in moderate to large seas with very little bounce-and-slam, and with very little fatigue experienced by guests and crew after long hours at sea from the mothership during exploration trips. Designed for search-and-rescue and coastguard duties in the challenging waters and temperatures of Iceland’s North Atlantic Ocean, the RAFNAR ‘Leiftur 1100 Series’ brings at last to the market the perfect and rugged elegant super-yacht support tender and passenger transporter.
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or visit www.rafnar.is

When considering a new tender, any Superyacht Captain is looking for reliability, strength, access, sea keeping, handling, dryness, comfort at speed, safety and ultimately, does it look good! Wahoo is defined by these key points to produce some of the most attractive and highly regarded performance RIBS in the market today. Listening to the requirements of each client makes every Wahoo semi-custom by nature. With its DNA taken from a winning race hull design, all Wahoo tenders

display precise handling and jaw dropping performance for up to 14 guests in luxurious dry comfort. With sizes from 6.2m – 14+m, there is an application for every yacht.
For more details Tel: +44(0)1329 339339
or visit www.wahooribs.com

Ocean 1 presents a new perspective on the classic centre console. The result is the perfect combination of performance, speed and comfort, style, ergonomics and practicality. Designed and built with a passion for perfection based on the hands-on experience of superyacht Captain, Dean Maggio, Ocean 1 incorporates superior attention to detail. The hull design is aesthetically pleasing without compromising seaworthiness and performance. Ocean 1 is unmatched in

versatility, design, and price. Using intelligent engineering, resin infusion with sandwich core construction, Ocean 1 custom tenders are lighter, stronger and more efficient than anything on the market today.
For more details Tel: +1 954 655 8585
or visit www.ocean1yachts.com

Unique of their kind, Extender are the first folding tenders with rigid keel made of rubber and fiberglass designed to occupy reduced space on board and to offer more space once unloaded to water. The aim of the worksite is to create unique products, totally made to measure and customizable in colors and finishing, to enable ship-owners to equip their ships with a comfortable tender without occupying too much space on shipboard. At the same time, Extender facilitates the work of

the personnel on board as, in approximate 2 minutes, they can perform the opening or closing procedures without difficulty. Extender lines includes outboard engine models like EXT 610 (3.90 m once folded), EXT 520 (3.30 folded) and EXT 430/460/490 which respectively fold up to 2,72 m – 3,02 m – 3,32 m. Great news on 2018: new products for every exigencies, from the biggest model EXT 645 (4,03 once closed) to the smallest one, the EXT 370 (2,20 once closed with a maximum height of 0,82 including motor). Besides a new series, the EXT 430/460/490 S that, while maintaining all the characteristics of the reference models, has a max. height of 0,85 m at aft and 0,95 m at bow. In Extender “family” also an hydro-jet engine model, the EXT 640 Idro (4.30 m folded).
For more details Tel: +39 0375 968490
or visit www.tender-extender.com

Black Mamba 280C was designed and engineered by VELOS-MEKY group with the aim to redefine what is possible in the 8.5m RHIB category. The design was based on the Olympic E2 offshore racing hull which allows the boat to cruise at 50 knots and achieve top speeds of 70+ knots offering a thrilling experience to the driver and the passengers while keeping them dry and safe. The Black mamba 280C doubles as a leisure boat as well as a high end tender. This is due to its

spacious deck layout; equipped with various high quality accessories, fore cabin with WC, large bow sundeck, lifting hooks, mitigation seats and many others. This unique RIB, is offered with several options inclusive of a full clear coated carbon version made with vacuum resin infusion for the ultimate performance. The boat can be fitted with a single 350HP outboard up to twin 400HP.
For more details Tel: +30 2296022002
or visit www.olr.gr

The Corsair 33΄ with twin 300hp Yamaha. It is no coincidence that theCorsair 33 from Top Line has been synonymous with high quality construction and comfort in both calm and tough seas. The internationally patented deep-V hull of Corsair 33 is characterized by two double ventilated steps. With a bow entry of 55 degrees and a transom deadrise of 24 degrees, Corsair 33 is born to run extremely smooth through rough water allowing us to travel long distances in comfort at particularly

high cruise speeds. A large sundeck is formed in the bow area which can accommodate two adults. The helm has two bucket adjustable seats, which provide ideal support when driving into the bolster position. Ιn the stern area, a four-seater independent sofa is formed, under of which a large rectangular locker is housed. Behind it the large aft sundeck is extended, below of which there is the largest storage space of the boat. With twin Yamaha 300hp, the Rib reaches a top speed of 62.5 knots while consuming 202 liters per hour. The most economical cruising speed is 29 knots at 3000 rpm, burning 1.68 liters for each nautical mile. A really impressively low fuel consumption even for a single outboard powered rib, which gives an autonomy of 178 nautical miles when our tank has 300 liters of fuel.
For more details Tel: +30 210-6025515
or visit www.topline.gr