Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

Expand your business to Rotterdam, Maritime Capital of Europe and benefit from local expertise and a maritime history spanning over four centuries

The Dutch maritime sector provides jobs to 259,000 people. Together they create an added value of 23 billion euro. The Rotterdam region is leading in this maritime economy. Apart from the port of Rotterdam, the region is a world leader in building innovative and high-quality ships. Specialisms include superyachts, superyacht support vessels, dredgers, and many other complex specials.

The history of shipbuilding and maintenance in the Rotterdam – Drecht Cities region spans roughly four centuries. Here you can find research and development, specialised manufacturers and services. Furthermore, your ship features the latest innovations and is delivered on time.

Working in this maritime ecosystem requires a special combination of a ‘can do’ attitude, combined with state-of-the-art skills, cutting edge technology, and solution-oriented professionalism.
A sustainable career at the forefront of industry awaiting ambitious, adventurous and no-nonsense professionals. The Dutch look at the future, from centuries of experience.

We can take a leading position because we have the complete network and knowledge in the Rotterdam -Drecht Cities region. Industry, co-makers, financiers, insurers, transport, traders, but also high-tech start-ups, specialised training courses and innovative research centres are represented here. Together they are ready for a new ocean economy, thus contributing to sustainable development goals and contributing to the broad wealth of The Netherlands and far beyond.

The regional concentration of industry makes collaboration easy. You can be in direct, one¬to¬one contact with your customers, suppliers or business partners. Close agreements fast, speed and quality ensure advantage to make your business competitive.

The Drecht Cities comprise Alblasserdam, Dordrecht, Hardinxveld¬Giessendam, Hendrik¬Ido¬Ambacht, Papendrecht, Sliedrecht and Zwijndrecht. We are located on the delta of three rivers and are close to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We are superbly connected to the rest of the world through an intricate network of rail, road, sea and air connections. It is attractive for businesses to invest in this area, because there is space to grow, it is easy to get things done, we are down to earth and entrepreneurship is encouraged. And because they feel responsible and loyal, our workers are highly motivated and productive.

The Drecht Cities have been home to maritime masters for hundreds of years. Our unparalleled experience and our strong network are strengthened by our values and beliefs. Together with our clients, suppliers and communities, we form a unified force in the maritime world. We are ready to build whatever the future demands of us. The superyacht industry is an important industry for this region, with a high level of builders, suppliers and co¬makers.
The Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe has opened the door to all business opportunities, finding the right location for your business within the Maritime Capital of Europe.

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