Rubis launch new Atlantic Marine Bunkering Network and Superyacht Service

The name Rubis may well not be that familiar to you as a retailer. They are however a very well established trading company with a strong brand that specialise in the distribution, storage and sale of high quality petroleum products. They have significant distribution volumes of petroleum products (6 million cubic metres in 2019) with direct marine supply concentrated in Western Europe and the Caribbean.

The size of Rubis as a multi-national physical supplier of fuels employing over 3,500 personnel has many advantages. Not only does it drive forward the highest professional and safety standards but the sheer size of this publicly listed company brings with it extensive expertise within the supply chain. Add to this the fact that they own their own tank terminals and distribution facilities and the result is a supply chain of strength and integrity.

Their size as an organisation also brings with it some significant presence across numerous jurisdictions, which gives them leverage with increased purchasing power due to their status in the field. This helps to deliver the best of both worlds in terms of both quality and price.

Rubis’ new bunkering and superyacht service network is highly focused on communication and high levels of service. With this they cover the best part of the North Atlantic, a large percentage of Northern Europe and many of the Caribbean islands. This allow vessels to extend their potential cruising area knowing that they have a trusted bunkering partner on hand. A great assurance for those wishing to take a foray into the less travelled waters and maintain confidence in their fuel supply.

Rubis have offices in the Channels Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, making them ideally situated for bunkering stops to and from these summer / winter Northern European routes of higher latitudes. Yachts on western passages to or from the Mediterranean can now benefit from the extensive network of locations across the Caribbean Islands.

With the new rules relating to lower sulphur content in marine fuel taking effect for all ships globally on the 1st of January 2020, reducing the current limit of 3.5% (m/m) (mass/mass) to 0.5% (m/m), many more vessels will be obliged to meet these standards. For further advice contact your nearest Rubis location. The Rubis network of well placed bunkering locations will be able to meet all your needs according to the new regulations for ships and higher specifications for yachts.

Rubis Marine Bunkering is presented by Ben Mahy who is qualified as a Naval Architect, Project Manager and Chartered Engineer. Ben is Rubis Channel Island’s Business Development Manager and is based in Guernsey.

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Article production is by Iain Flockhart a highly-experienced yacht captain and writer with more than 250,000 nautical miles in the role of Master